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Respect All People

This "Thought" is dedicated to Cee Cee in San Francisco.
Treat All People with Respect....NO EXCEPTIONS

When the Air Traffic Controller experience ended I was back to the classifieds looking for another job to get me through college.   One day there was a large ad in the paper Pan Am was looking for people and they were having a "cattle call" type job fair at the San Fransisco Airport in an empty hanger.  Sounded good to me. 

Over 1000 people showed up for just a few jobs.  It actually looked like a casting call for a modeling agency.  How could I stand out???  The paper they gave us to fill out had space for the last job experience and a reference. I didn't have customer service experience like they were looking for but my uncle was a top executive for the company.  I put his name down.  My interview was short, the guy looked at me and said "Your Uncle signs my paycheck".

Soon I had to do the cup thing again but even worse...they weighed me.  Back then airlines could weigh people before they were hired, evidently uniforms didn't come in anything larger than an 8.  This was going to be totally different than my Oklahoma City Experience.

The training was at a hotel we had 12 in our class.  Cee Cee was our leader and she was
Tough.  First thing out of her mouth was "if your late for class your OUT.....Planes take off on time".   Ouch!!!!  My cousin and I just stared at each other (Yes, nepotism got our foot in the front door but we had to do the training like everyone else).   Then she said Pan Am was an International Airline and All People are Treated with Respect....NO EXCEPTIONS.  We were taught how to deal with difficult people.   The golden rule was to make the customer feel like he/she is right even when their wrong.  We were taught how to problem solve without making any commitments that would cost the airline.

At one point we were subject to personal attacks and tormented just to see if we could deal with the pressure.  Then we were coached on how to NOT take an angry customers words personally.   I learned how to provide customer service to people from different cultures and each day the training would end on a positive note.   We were representing a global company with customers from all over the world and that everyone was to be treated with respect NO Exceptions.

After training the company announced they were selling their routes to Asia and if I wanted to work I'd have to go Miami.  I didn't speak Spanish.   Back to the classifieds.

"New Thought"
To succeed in a Global Economy
You need a Global Society
Treat All People with Respect......NO EXCEPTIONS
Thanks Cee Cee
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