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Another "Final" Approach

NISSAN Board:.  I can keep up this battle for another month easily but as a “mom” I need direction.   Children only have so many summers in their lives where they can play and just “be”.


Last memorial day I sat in a lounge chair and plotted to to “Scare NISSAN HR Straight”..   To be candid I really thought it would only take a “few” weeks.   I WAS WRONG!!   When I started this fight for human decency my intention was simply to be treated like a “human being” and  be able to work and just enjoy my life.  Today I’m trying a “new” final approach one that I hope will pull heartstrings.  Women are different then men and we need to plan. That’s why I’m showing this VERY outdated photo of my child. It’s because of her I’m doing this today.

This battle for fairness will be 1 year next week.  Last summer my daughter watched her mom on a computer fight for fairness.  Last week while driving south on highway 65 in my black Honda my daughter looked at the NISSAN building and said???  “Are they ever going to let you in the building”?  I told her “most likely someday”.    She already knows I’m moving (somewhere)  The fact is: If the “good ole boys” got a last minute “win” I’d have to move just because what I did was bold and that scares people.  My “whistle blowing” was on more than just NISSAN it was on the community and the culture.     

Tennessee is my child’s home and she loves it.   She has friends that love and accept her even when a large part of the southern society considers her “different”.   Sadly,  during the last year  many people have disappeared from her life and have not called her for play dates or meetings at the pool because of her mom’s whistle blowing but happily a few mom’s have gone out of their way to include her  & for that I’m so grateful.  

I'm like other working mom’s who struggle all the time with what’s best for work and the family.  It’s because of those caring people in the community that I can make the decision to move and knowing that 2 weekends a month we can have “quality” time and even better to have the opportunity to show her the world and teach her the concept of “Respect for all People” from ALL cultures is truly a win.   It has NOT been easy for us the last year and a small town.

So NISSAN Board in Tokyo with the upcoming anniversary of this battle for human decency  I want to put you in “my” shoes so let’s pretend  what happened to me happened to YOUR daughter and grandchild.  How would YOU feel if people treated “your own” like  the “Good Ole Boy” HR treated me.  


~Members of the NISSAN Board in Tokyo~


Many of you are fathers so imagine if your  daughter worked hard to build a reputation in an industry for many years and then was told if they did not do something unethical they would not be considered a “team player” and could not work.   Then told higher leadership would be told something that was not true about her departure.    Then being told she’d be paid to do NOTHING. Then having an agreement sent to your daughter personal email account but when the “Good Ole Boys” realized having something in writing was NOT the best idea they tampered with your daughters “private” account.  Also if someone told your daughter if they became a “whistleblower” they’d be unemployable. FYI- Middle Tennessee is a small economic area and people talk.   Remember the head of the TN hospitality association was a “good ole boy”. & NISSAN HR has a list of who was to “succeed” and if you were not on that list no matter how hard you work or how well you perform …. You’re Toast   They based success on race and religion. 


Worse what if your daughter was told “skirts don’t speak” and your daughter was in the process of becoming the “head of household” and needed an income and health insurance and then HR did not follow up calls about references like they promised, to make it worse they slandered your daughter telling people in the community things that were not true.  


Even knowing the challenges ahead your daughter did become a more vocal a “whistleblower” not only about the problems with a Good Ole Boy network at NISSAN but with the southern culture that limits the opportunities for women and minorities.   She did it because simply it was ethically the  “right thing to do”.


The American Good Ole Boys retaliated and your daughter suffered months of being bullied and harassed.   She was followed by Titan trucks and NISSANs circled her home.  She had death threats.   .   Then your daughter became socially isolated.  People would stare at her and those she used to “lunch” with would see her and turn the other direction.  Still your daughter kept “fighting” wanting human decency.  It was a battle that MANY in the community have wanted to do but few dared for fear of “Good Ole Boy” retaliation.  


???  How could she keep going?   Answer:   Maybe it was the toughness  installed in her engine.


She had to be strong …even her supporters feared being associated with her during this battle of human decency. Some people who knew the problems/corruption/discrimination existed called her crazy for taking on “big business”  one lady said "taking on a Good Ole Boy network was like David taking on Goliath” .  Your daughter responded “David won”  :) :)  She knew she was morally right she was tough.  

She learned a lot from her past life experiences and having good role models gave her the courage to take on the fight when people distanced themselves from her she knew it was human nature to fear the unknown. She fought earlier in life in another Internal Battle of Control and in the end everyone wants to be associated with the “winner”.so she knew that when the battle was over people would “reorganize” and she would have her life back, the key was she had to prove her point.   The computer she once hated became her new “best” friend when she started

The past year was “tough” your daughter was slandered in the community & the Good Ole Boys communicated negative “propaganda” to people about her,  In August your daughter willingly gave up permanent custody of your grandchild just to keep “fighting for fairness”.  She knew this was more than about her job it was "big" and it was going to be an “epic battle” but it had to be done for the next generation.  

She had a point to prove and powerful people were listening that could “make change” she had to do it even though she would end up ALONE. 


Truly for months she battled and pulled from every life experience as she fought harder against the “Good Ole Boy” mentality that discriminated and even proved others were also corrupt and that as a culture the community was on a downward spiral and headed for an economic crash. 


During this battle new statistics came out showing that by moving to TN and under the leadership of the Good Ole Boy HR Network NISSAN was deteriating people feared the Good Ole Boy HR and they did not speak on making processes better or more efficient this hurt  the bottom line.  In the middle of a recession it could be hidden…??? for how long.   The bad spending and decisions could not continue the “economic cushion” was gone.  Taking taxpayer money for a project that the Good Ole Boys did not believe in was truly unethical.    That’s the main reason why she fought so hard.  She could see the big picture and  YOU the board in Tokyo needed to know their intention.  They did not have the best interest of the company in their hearts.  


NISSAN Board- You noticed when the quality in customer service in North America declined sharply and customers were “shifting” to other brands.   Morale in the American HQ was low.  The unqualified people that the Good Ole Boys put in charge had made a mess & those hidden cost centers were exposed.  Because things were exposed to new leadership some problems were solved (attacked) early on and people had to be more transparent thus creating a “new” era for NISSAN.   Mr. Tavares your colleague had a team determined for North American success even with continued “roadblocks”.   


Good News!!!  Finally your daughter was proven correct and after almost a year of fighting for human decency people “got it” and understood that discrimination is wrong.  Now some in the community are calling her a catalyst for cultural change in Williamson County.     Sadly, even after proving her point she is still very alone.   People fear her more for she spoke the truth and powerful people all over the world are listening. 



~Board in Tokyo~
Taking this one step further

Some of you have grandchildren.   Imagine if your 8 year old granddaughter watched her mommy battle for human decency and heard things about her mom that were not true. Worse, Some of the retaliation that your daughter received stooped to the level of hurting your grandchild.  The “good ole boys” played ball at the “lowest” level.  This battle is affecting your grandchild because people are scared or mad that her mommy exposed their bad actions which were "endorsed" by the community one that took pride their "values".   Basically your daugther was the one to point out the similarity to TN and the Good Ole Boy sales pitch to the book "The Emperors New Clothes".  

Basically b
ecause she  told Carlos Tavares serious problems, proved them to be true and then  figured out a way to get the world to listen too. Your daugther and grandchild are living in a state of "limbo"    WOW!!!  I got it out....
NISSAN- This whole thing is "beyond" bizarre.

Bottom Line

  If it was YOUR child who was the "whistleblower" would change happen faster


:  I know decisions have been made about me and even if I can’t have details which is OK…corporate protocol is very important.  I get it!!!

Simply I need a timeline.  A "skirt" thing. 

It’s for my daughter.  It’s her 8th summer on this planet.

I’m asking for information that will assist me in making better decisions. 

It’s for my “little” princess who taught me that little girls all around the world want to be special just simply for “being”.  By being free to “be” she’ll succeed….It’s all about TAD.

Today’s “thought” is all about her “Mama Bear” protecting her cub.  I'm a part time parent and that decision was a tough one but I'm VERY comfortable with it.   

This is funny....She said in the car:
??? "Mom, Can you move somewhere that has a Disneyworld" response "maybe".

NOW, I need to make sure EVERY moment counts.  

My goal is to inspire her to take the torch and speak for the next generation & be a child at the same time :) :)   

Have a Great day!!!


My little girl is "strong"... I'm a proud mom   :) :)

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