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Draft of Subpoena List

"Carlos Ghson has stayed CEO of both Renault & NISSAN for a LONG time.  Renault has not done too well YET France seems to be Ghosn's BIGGEST cheerleader.  The culture at Renault that was created values corruption, fear and money laundering.   Because of my past political work I knew something about that.  FYI- America  during the Cold War sent foot soldiers ALL over the world to search for "problems" .  The goal for America is Peace and when we work with people from other countries we need to know if we can TRUST them.  In my early yeasrs I learned how to identify people with bad character.   Because of my knowledge when 3 men were falsely accused of being spies at Renault I stepped up and defended them   The issues that made 'Ghosn's Renault management 'nervous' were similar to issues I had faced retalitaion for speaking about at NISSAN North America.......I've learned that Carlos Ghosn 'has a lot on his plate' NOT only is he the CEO of 2 major car companies he's also a stealth Ambassador for France to Middle East in reference to ' merchandise'  Reanult has LOST a lot of money BUT they make up for it in trade with Iran and missile sales to coutries like Lebanon that take the weapon as middle men and sell to those that are KILLING Americans.   So This is WHY I beleive Ghson is still CEO of 2 companies."     Sharyn Bovat the NISSAN Whistleblower

Suggestions to My Legal Counsel: 
In reference to by pending trial in September: 


I'd like to subpoena Carlos Ghosn (Japan/France/Lebanon) for my jury trial.  I believe that he wanted me discredit and that is WHY "trumped up" charges were done against me.  Also, for me to endure more than a YEAR of court dates is ridicules.  


FYI- It's been confirmed by Mark Silverman the editor of the Tennessean said that in reference to my acquisitions that Carlos Ghosn getting promotions at Michelin (a French company)  are similar to important historic dates in reference to Iran Contra & Lockerbie so basically in his words "so far the story checks out".... "It’s circumstantial" yet it's going to get covered by SOMEONE.  My guess the Gaurdian might want to listen to me.   I LOVE London!!!


Today France sends hundreds of missiles to Lebanon and I’ve been told most Beirut is the “middle man” to countries like Iran and Syria.   That means that French weapons could end up killing Americans. 


It’s been relayed to me that the EV battery technology as it improves could be put in “mid” range missiles.  Thus more of our allies might be at risk by having American’s NOT take the lead on battery technology.  As a person who's "hawkish" and wants world peace I believe that "if"  weapons missiles are sold all around the world they should be AMERICAN for then WE have control of WHO buys them.   France seems to “look blind” at WHO’s getting their defense merchandise.    


I believe that Middle Eastern men connected with Carlos Ghson are "most likely" connected to the organization of the Lockerbie bombing. Some "could have" been acting on behalf of other countries/organizations BESIDES Libya.  


With confidence I can say Carlos Ghosn & some in the French government KNOW what happened to the Pan Am airliner.  My next plan of action is to contact Diane Feinstein a woman on the Senate Intelligence committee and John McCain.  I admire BOTH and I would like them to consider having Mr. Ghosn testify in committee.    


OMG!!! The trial of a an American relocation consultant could lead to the disclosure of "what REALLY happened"..... 

My life as a whistle blower is horrible in Tennessee and I've been falsely accused. 


Mr. Tavares would have not been names COO of Renault and my blog would NOT still be up if my "thoughts" and viral actions were not based on a problem that was not true.  The fact is the problems I identified are REAL.    


The issues at NISSAN/Renault are GLOBAL and it’s HORRIBLE that 3 men at Renault in a similar fashion were framed as spies ALL just to "cover up" issues that involved Carlos Ghosn and French Foreign Policy Decision. 


More People to Subpoena:

Witness A (Unknown location) & Witness B (Central America): both of these men were Iran Contra pilots...  *******     The second was a prominent figure in my life  from 1984-1990/91...  He mysteriously vanished during investigations that were happening in DC & later I learned he fled to Panama.  His nickname in the 80's was the "gun runner".....he was a 747 captain.  


Also I'd like to subpoena Dominique Thormann (French) The current CFO of Renault the former SVP of NISSAN the announcement of him "going back to Renault/Paris was made HOURS after I put his name on my blog  stating that the man that spoke to Congress to get OVER 1 Billion dollars of American taxpayer money for the EV and NISSAN did not have the technology that they said they had:  Also, he was a "bad spender" of money that was given to Tennessee for relocation purposes.  Catherine Perez (French) the highest woman at NISSAN when I was a whistle blower & another bad spender of taxpayer money.  The taxpayers funded me to find spa's for oxygen facials for her.


As a character witness I'd like John Martin (Irish/UK) Corporate Vice President from NISSAN Motors in Japan to testify   Early this month I got a call from the head of a NISSAN vendor that's considering a move to Tennessee.  He called and emailed me about doing some consulting.  He said that Mr. Martin & NISSAN said I came "highly recommended" 


Also, Thank You John Martin for taking this picture at Catherine’s house ;) :)


???  Why would an executive at NISSAN Japan recommend me when people at NISSAN North America are leading the efforts to "jail" me?   It makes no sense.


It will be good for a jury to hear that NISSAN Motors still sees me as a "valuable" asset. Also, during the trial I want to have my reputation restored.  When all the charges were "trumped up" and with all the arrest my credibility was severely damaged in the community.  Besides being harassed, having death threats and had Titan Tucks follow me I've had to deal with NISSAN executives that were slandering me and I can prove that.  Everything that has happened to me was done because people connected to Carlos Ghosn feared me due to knowledge of "research" that I did in the's the ONLY thing that makes sense. 


FYI- My research was low level & I will state that at the time I was gathering the information I had NO idea who-what-why.  I was just a "tool”.... simply a "friendly fixture".  One who met a lot of interesting people while traveling, attending great parties & conventions?  I was a woman who "fit in".  That's ALL I can say about my past!!!!     Get it!!! 


Back to the Subpoenas:

Also we should consider getting the 3 men that were falsely accused of being spies to testify.    They are the connection from my whistle blowing case to Ghosn.  I knew they were innocent because of my past "research" work.  These men were vindicated and I can prove that the investigation was expedited due to my emails to the French consulate and my blog .  Also, I would like to subpoena Carlos Tavares.   I will have him read an email I sent him in late 2009 about Israel needing the EV to succeed and  an email about my being a "change agent"   I will also have him verify that he sent me an email in 2010 ....  That email encouraged me to "continue' with my blog    Since these people are from overseas and have busy schedules I think it's best that we get their appearances confirmed.   


I have a list of "westerners" to subpoena and we can go over that at a pre trial meeting.    


Since the appearance of the people mention above it vital to my "fight for freedom" I will figure out a way to make sure they know that they will be called to testify at the jury trial of a whistle blower & a woman who "told the truth" about bad spending of US taxpayer money and discrimination. I think that after ALL the people above testify the charges against me should be dismissed.   Please let me know if you have any thoughts or questions. 


Thanks and I hope you're enjoying your summer!!!


Sharyn Bovat


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