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Image is Everything!!!




While browsing the corporate website.  I saw this photo.

My First “thought” .... that man looks like a hostage that was recently released.    


???   Maybe he just gotten off a 16 hour flight seated in a middle seat in coach.  OUCH!!!  Horrible thought

Image is important so to those web workers creating the NISSAN Global Website suggestion Look at a photo before you insert it.   ???  Maybe the executive hasn't seen this photo  (My guess is he will NOW).

Mr. Moreillon, I’m a big fan of Australia, I’ve enjoyed many fosters on hot days, Sydney is one of my favorite cities and I have 14 pair of UGGS. That makes us “almost” family.  Although I could NEVER get into the Vegemite.  ???  I just don’t understand why people like it. 

Sir, Because you’re from Australia I felt comfortable putting the photo on my web site.  Sense of humor is BIG Down Under.  Remember to get some sleep and fly business on long flights.  Corporate must have a photo of you in a tie. 

Have A Great Day!!!


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