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I Told Tavares.... a LOT

I sent Mr. Tavares a LOT of emails &
he emailed me back.   WHY?

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Sent: Sep 21, 2009 7:50 PM

Mr. Tavares,

My goal is to work and have a quiet life....

Today I found a handwritten note from sonny bono (60 singer turned politician) he thanked me for making him not just another face in the crowd .... I gave him some great advice. Anyway. That triggered a "thought". Long story but his strategist was political director for reagan. Also I discovered that the man who directly hired me from governor Pete wilsons office to go the republican national convention to "check out " the opposition ended up in trouble with the california insurance commissioner (immunity). Sir, I can tell my story without worrying about hurting someones career, keeping confidential important issues but highlighting the internal battle for control!!!!. Wow!!! Fyi I never did Any thing unethical (that's not in my dna) and most people just thought I was a "party girl". My life was fun and full of adventures. It was because I passed the air traffic controller test so easily that someone realized I was smart. You'd be amazed at some of my thoughts that became successes. Ok its good news...

I have the freedom to speak!!!!!

I'm tired. I fear losing things that are important to me. I need to hear from someone at nissan. What happened to me by your human resources was wrong!!!!!


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Sent: Sep 22, 2009 7:40 PM
Subject: Please forward to Mr Becker and Stevens

Mr. Becker and Mr Stevens,

Good Evening!!!

Just to warn you. Some might be concerned that I'm now speaking of my political past. Your human resources slandered me and hurt my reputation because I knew of their bad behavior.

A couple high level politicians are most likely going to worry about my exposing their "extra" activities. I won't do that because I feel that America needs the best decision makers and our country was harmed by those right wing views that destroy people.

That said.... I want reassurance from Nissan that I'm OK. This is going to a new level and it will be like walking on a high wire without a net.

Please call me with any questions.

Mr. Tavares knows that I will take this web site down when he tells me.

Have a Great Night!!!


Date: November 16, 2009 12:43:44 AM CST
Subject: to: EV Team

EV Team
NISSAN Shift_ the Way You Think Should really be the base message for ALL your EV marketing.

Keep the car "happy" blue. I'm over that issue, actually not but I give up. Seems like that's what you want.

FYI.... your "test" car was much more attractive and the colors looked like NISSAN. WOW!!!!
You can make the environmental education "Love the Planet" part of Blue Citizenship.
The happy blue truck was a little too much.. You probably paid a lot of money to paint it blue.....ouch!!! ...Be consistent. Nissan is known for having good engines so use your identity.

Your USA web site needs dramatically altered. Also, on one or both you have that little battery flickering at the web site loads It reminds me of flashlight batteries that are always DEAD when the power goes out. Wrong Message. Also, Get rid of the had painted signs.. They're Cute and I told you before people investing in NEW technology don't want to see that. They want to see sophistication.

Your the experts on cars.... I'm not, I just know what people want and how to pull their heart strings. Working as a team Nissan could sell a lot of EV's. Isn't that the goal to have people purchase these cars?

Make me a "hand raiser" for the infini EV :) in black please
Remember to be NISSAN. That's critical for success.

Happy to hear about better customer care. That's Great News, especially in the US.
Have A Great Night!!!!!

Date: February 16, 2010 9:45:46 PM CST
Cc: "Sharynbovat" <>
Subject: Very Important

Mr. Tavares,

The corrupt behavior in reference to Real Estate scares the Good ole Boys.
Whatthey Did was NOT legal.

Guns are everywhere in TN and I've been warned by many that what I was doing iby fighting them s dangerous.

Also, I remember when a politician predicted his own death.

Sir, If I get killed I want Madelyn's skating taken care of. It's important.


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From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Date: July 9, 2010 12:35:15 PM CDT
To: "" <>
Subject: Fwd: bruise

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From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Date: July 9, 2010 1:40:43 AM EDT
To: Carlos & Armelle Tavares <>
Subject: Fwd: bruise

Just arrived in Ohio with Madelyn my arm/wrist hurt and upon review they were still bruised from police harsh handling of me 30 hours ago. They locked me in a cell with a woman charged with assault with a lethal weapon & did not feed me worse they could have just asked me to leave instead they would not let me answer the question. When I went to get water they trapped me in an area that did not have security cameras. They are bad people. Rob bullied the police to arrest me. This needs to end. I do not deserve to be abused. I just want respect.


Sir, do you have 2 minutes to tell someone to "end" this.
Please show me some respect.

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