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Letter to Franklin

Good News!!! 

From a CNN newswire:

The man that this whistleblower told problems to is next in line to become the “new” NISSAN big boss!!!  
WOW!!!     Change is happening!!!!

CNNMoney - Alex Taylor III - 2 hours ago

Press would provide a soothing presence and allow for the elevation of Carlos Tavares, who currently runs North American operations, into a bigger job. ...


NISSAN Whistleblower Writes Letter to the community in Franklin:

In Cool Springs Sharyn Bovat wrote this to Tennessee:

Williamson County I've been jailed for speaking up for Women’s rights!!!
I was the whistleblower that told
NISSAN Board Member Carlos Tavares about discrimination wasteful spending of taxpayer money and corruption.

Because of freedom to speech in America my blog fighting a “good ole boy” network at NISSAN has stayed up for over a year.  If my blog was not factual they would have sued me.   Now members of the community that are of the "good ole boy" mindset control local government are mad at me too. I posted a letter to the ACLU that I believe scared some powerful people, and then local authorities got involved..   It was only after that letter to the ACLU was posted that a year old cease and desist for my blog/website was used to “take me in”.  I have NEVER received any document from anyone except from a NISSAN lawyer named Mike Burger.    I have NEVER received anything from a “legal” authority. 

Many companies are known to use “cease and deist” letters to scare people from complaining.   If I had “an official” letter from a court July 2009 that would have been different.  I did NOT … For the record, I respect the law.  

Yesterday because I “texted Tavares”
(who by the way is not an employee of NISSAN in Franklin, he works for NISSAN Motors in Tokyo) the Franklin police just following orders took me "in" again!!!   It was me who put it on a “public” LinkedIn website that I sent the text to the high level leader.  Get This!!!  I posted it late Friday night and the warrant for my arrest was issued on Saturday.  If Mr. Tavares wanted me in jail he would have “quickly” forwarded it to someone on Wednesday.   Mr. Tavares needed to know what his people were doing.  He’s the only person that can make the harassment I’ve received stop.

Last Year after my blog/website started those in HR with “Good Ole Boy” mentality sent an IT worker to change the computer of Mr. Tavares and he told them “not to” and then I received a call telling me that my “emails” to the leader were welcome.  At any time Mr. Tavares could have stopped receiving my emails. I’ve sent him over 500 since last year.

Most of my emails were suggestions on how to make NISSAN more marketable to women. I did some research and I think NISSAN can become the #2 manufacturer in Japan if they Shift_ to marketing and manufacturing products that woman want.  Some of my “ideas” have already been put into place and proudly I can say I’ve seen changes to the NISSAN and Renault websites that have a bit of “skirt inspiration”.

My goal is to simply work and enjoy my life.  Mr. Tavares and his people have the phone number of my attorney and I’ve told the leader that if I do not have a job I want to settle.  My lawyer has not been called.  Too many have seen my blog and I know eventually he’ll have to decide if Sharyn stays or goes.   Whatever decision Mr. Tavares makes I will respect.  He’s a busy man and emailed me several months ago that things are proceeding at NISSAN and I’ve learned that change takes time. 

~Back to my “recent” jail experience~

GOOD NEWS!!!   This time they had lemonade" treated me with respect, no bruises, & they processed me "out" in about an hour "truly efficient".

One lady at the jail told me "Good Ole Boys" are just part of the society and to get "used to it, TN is the "South", I said I have a little girl and want her to be anything she wants to be, it was then suggested I "move".  

Ironically I was one of the "top" relocation consultants that encouraged people to move "to" Tennessee.   Williamson County is where my "little girl" calls home; her mom wants her reputation back the
HR took from her when she became a "whistleblower".

America, they’re some fantastic people here.  It's time for "change" not just at
but in the community.  Respect for ALL people needs to be the "norm".  Williamson County need to be more culturally accepting and discrimination cannot happen if Tennessee wants to recruit multinational companies.  

Let's work together for "Positive Change".  

Sharyn Bovat

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