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Failure for Power

Months I put on this website that this Internal

Battle of Control was due to the fact the French
wanted the EV and the Japanese did not. 

February 2009 I learned that "2" people are doing some jobs at NISSAN that just 1 person could do, one on team Japan and one on team Renault.  ???  Sounded like a "great" alliance to
me....   I did some research and YES!!!   that was true.   BIZARRE....Just think how uncomfortable this situation is for
the worker just wanting to "make good cars"   
The NISSAN "Good Ole Boys" used this Internal Battle of Control to promote "their" agenda of right wing extremism. They wanted the EV to fail...  so ultimately President Obama would fail.    

Haley Barbour the governor of Mississippi who's wants to be President in 2012 did a LOT of "negotiating" with the Good Ole Boy and French Fringe leadership. 
He's "good" at protecting his own.   His family profited from contract given by the government after hurricane Katrina. Mr. Barbour is "smart" and he knows to become president "failure for America today" is needed. 
FYI- failed "pork" projects are "big" at pulling the heartstrings of the overworked voter.

I was told this "months" before I saw the picture of the car it would fail by those working with the guy that spoke to congress to get
1.6 (now 1.4 Billion dollars). HUH!!!  
???  Why take taxpayer money for something to fail. I got curious and asked questions.    Soon  I connected the 18 month strategy by Kelly and Thormann on Getting rid of Ghosn and taking over leadership of Renault and NISSAN to the same strategy used in America that ultimately sent us to war in the "wrong" country.  The strategy is called FAILURE FOR POWER.   I have some "credible" examples of how it used in the past and I shared them with Mr. Tavares. 
BOTTOM LINE: This strategy Preys on the less educated voter and uses racism as a tool.   Simply stated "average" hardworking american's fed simplistic rhetoric then vote for extremism that created the America you see today with a racial divide.  Ironically the "Good ole Boys"  created a "divide" at
NISSAN North America.   WOW!!!!


In August when I saw a picture of the "LEAF" I got mad....

I was told "Bill O'Reily will blame Obama for wasting taxpayer money".  That's why this
summer I wrote....I see Bill O'Reilly using this picture as a tool and those in red state

America will NOT want funding for the EV. 

Added note...  Glenn Beck is going to "destroy" the EV to promte his agenda of ignorance.


I don't blame anyone NOT from America for the odd design, America has a different

Blame belongs to ANYONE born in AMERICA that said to global leadership that

this design could be "mass marketed".
his car will not create long term jobs in TN.

this is a "niche" the cube and the JUKE.  some will "love" it.  Yet, you

will not have high sales volume and worse you will not create widespread acceptance of

the EV with this car.  Truly~   I'm terrified that this car could be used as a political tool

to "crush" spending. The mainstream "masses" will not see the "big picture" on the

benifit of zero emissions.  Make the LEAF a member of your "Global" family.... read on.

~Another Approach~

...Your the "leader" in pushing the EV in America.  It would be "sad" if you did all

the work to educate America on going electric and people accept paying to fund the

infrastructure and then  another company comes into the EV market with a car design

wise that's  acceptable to "everyday" America and takes away your "glory".

~Another "green" Approach~

For America to quickly "bounce" back and have a robust economy and for

people to spend $$$ on "New" cars.  Jobs need to be created and the best "road" 

for the current political leadership is "green" industries leading the way to put US

back on track for success to ensure "moderate" leadership in America and

TN  "time is of the essence".

We need to make the EV attractive to the "voters" TODAY!!!!  


Put out a design of a "simple sedan"  one that we can use as a "tool" to ensure

future funding.  Lets tell America that they can achieve "energy independence"

and reduce electric fuel cost without having the "green badge" of an odd

looking car.    By doing this you'd also "Love the Planet".....  Oh in the next YEAR

CSR (I hope) is going to motivate those in their early 20's on gong "electric".

Have A Great Week!!!!             Sharyn

Love Cars~Love People~Love the Planet



NISSAN Do This for EV Success...  I'm serious.

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