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People Are Important

In the Hague I tried explaining what "real" football was to these guys...In the end "they won" for I was on their continent.   Respecting all cultures means understanding differences and accepting them.

Watching people walk down a street made me smile

I'd find beauty in watching dads enjoy their children

I like this picture. 
??? I don't know why.         :) :)

Seeing the world opened my eye's...

Books are great but not enough for truly understanding different cultures.  By being "in the field" I can understand "why" and "what works".   

The NISSAN CQ "cultural intelligence" program will take those with fancy degrees and make them "get it".   Taking rising stars at the beginning of their career from Tokyo, Paris, and beyond  and showing them "average" people in different societies will foster long term corporate success for NISSAN

The NISSAN global leadership will be the pioneers in business and can write the book on creating "1" global corporate culture.

Have A Great Day!!!!                Sharyn
Love Cars~Love People~Love the Planet

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