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Operation 2020 Vision

???    Why would people connected to Israeli    Mossad be "interested" in this website

??? Could it be the same reason why the French government was fyi- they own a "chunk" of Renault

??? Why would the Clinton's be interested in this


This website was a "tool" for change

Israel needs the EV to lesson their dependance on oil.  The French got mad at Iran and want EV and also for job creation.   Renault needed Nissan on board with the EV because Israel had "an order" for 100.000 cars from Renault through a partnership with Better Place that has connections to Mossad.   WOW!!!  The problem was the Japanese were not "on board" until Ghosn strong armed them.  That is why the Internal Battle of Control.   I wanted Ghosn to win that battle due to the "dick cheney" factor and America needed the EV too and the "good ole boys" did not believe in it .... this is complicated.    My battle is so we would NOT have a 3rd war for oil and the "sleaze" factor could be eliminated from republican politics.   I knew that the Clintons cared about the planet and that former President Clinton got treated badly by the right wing extremist.   This was relayed to Mr.  Tavares this last year with my:
Operation 2020 Vision 

It created a win for everyone.  

Win for the Planet
Win for Energy Independence
Win for Ghosn - He got to have an amazing Legacy
Win for Tavares - He became a Global Auto Executive
Win for the Clintons - Bill would get his good reputation back and his wife becomes the next VP to inspire all the little "skirts" in America.
Win for Obama - He gets to keeps his job and actually "make change"
Win for the Republicans - They get to find their "heart" and go back to the roots that made Abraham Lincoln & Ronald Reagan "great" leaders
Maybe with the help of Lamar Alexander "maybe" he can become what he was in the 90's and that's a "reasonable" leader with great intentions.  
Win for Sharyn- I could take my daugther to her inaguration and work and enjoy my life.
Win for NISSAN for they will become VERY profitable under the leadership of a "full time" chairman.
Win for Tennessee - For "real" jobs will be created. Word got back to me that some of YOUR advisors used this as a tool and you created "good" change.   Governor Bredesen I'm truly "impressed" you truly are a "genius"   :) :) 

I guess the only loser is Joe Biden...  Sir, I'm sorry.  We'll make you an ambassador...

My God!!!!     It's Amazing!!!!   Ed YOUR right a well drafted strategy can be successful if implemented correctly.  

So lets stay "on track" for success let Mr. Tavares to become chairman NOW so I can get my job and "move on" with my life.

Huh!!!   Maybe I should start a website called Move On....  ooops....something similar has already been done.

Can "someone" end this!!!!!

??? Who's willing to step up to the plate.

Don't you think I've done my part already   It's time!!!   Seriously!!!!


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