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I sent "this" out to auto executives reporters and politicians...

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Sent: Thu, Jan 26, 2012 7:34 pm
Subject: NISSAN Whistleblower: By 2013 Nissan will be WAY Over Capacity with "Under Construction" plant in Brazil & added 2 billion facility in Mexico.... I was told the Leaf was a "roll of the dice".........GM Model could come to play.....Jobs 'Paid For" in TN could be Net loss.

I sent this to over 30 auto executives from "other" companies: Maybe they'll tell Gannett to STOP "holding back" on stories.
Tennessee will suffer from the excessive bond debt. I fear the Tennessee courts have "let" a corporation abuse a whistleblower. The case is The State of Tennessee vs Sharyn Bovat.... Yet NISSAN is paying the bill? That's NOT fair in the "rest" of the country.

Auto Insiders: I've been told the 2012 NISSAN "fitness" program is having executives run when they see a process server. It's scary!
To understand the NISSAN DOE Fraud I've made a 6 minute video:
I'm asking you today to help get the word out.  
NISSAN is hurting ALL the auto industry:  
The local paper is useless in Tennessee, they like getting the ad revenue & ignore stories of NISSAN's debt
Soon Americans are going to lose jobs from Nissan's "excessive" debt.  
My sources were RIGHT about "other" things
Nissan is doing a lot of expanding in Mexico & South America.

The #'s Nissan's forecast don't justify ALL the expansion. 
I was told Nissan will be WAY over capacity. Mississippi at minimum "toast"...  TN Jobs are at risk

Financially: The margins are too low for Nissan to pay DOE loan & Nissan can't pay back IDB debt.  
I have a guy "trying" to get the terms of the deal from the DOE.  
Also,  I had a guy at Nissan contact me a few months ago 
"worried that if the company HAD to pay back their debt then he would not 
get a bonus".
I've been  railroaded in the TN courts for almost 20 months 
the 401k owners of America.
If possible can someone in the auto industry to help me get "this" to become news.
Thank you!

Sharyn Bovat

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Sent: Wed, Jan 25, 2012 6:35 pm
Subject: Request from Sharyn Bovat

Mr. Dickey,


This is Sharyn Bovat (the NISSAN Whistleblower).

This letter is in reference to a letter ordered by Maria De Varenne of the Tennessean.

Due to previous stress of Nissan swearing out a warrant by using a letter that was written from an order from a senior executive in 2009 (a man that feared I would "rat" him out on my blog for being a bad spender Tennessee taxpayer money) his name is/was Dominique Thormann & a press release was issued saying he was going back to Paris to an "undetermined" position less than 12 hours after I put his name on my blog.

That man had asked congress for over a billion dollars. Carlos Ghosn hide him for a year then made him CFO of Renault. Mr. Thormann knew where the "hidden cost centers" were. He told my friend Catherine Perez, the VP of Purchasing. She took me to Stony River for a great steak to celebrate a $7500 windfall. She hated the color of her new rental home (that was freshly painted) and had the color changed, Thormann figured out how to have the Tennessee taxpayers fund it. The head of HR Mark Stout was nicknamed "Santa" the sleigh was filled with goodies "funded by the taxpayer". Call me an activist but I thought that taxpayer money should have been spent "better". She had also received about 25K for misc. expenses. So the painting could have come from that.

In 2010 I watched the Franklin police get bullied by a Nissan executive and they used that letter to "swear out" a warrant. The letter that was not valid once the Chairman of the Americas had communicated to me "he was in charge and decided who he could communicate too".

Sir, Nissan was/is having an internal battle of control and I became a pawn. I have proof.

My life is "hell" and I'm angry that Gannett tried to "muzzle" a whistleblower whose been retaliated against so harshly.

Had the Tennessean reporters asked the DA why she was funding a former DA to "baby sit" my case I believe my life would have been better.

People at the Tennessean were reading my blog (I have web stats) still they ignored a 3 time jailed whistleblower for over 19 months.

I've learned that the county has to be paying for "the extra legal help" for my 1st time misdemeanor. Due process laws say that NISSAN can't fund a lawyer for a criminal case. So the city "has" to be paying for Joe Baugh. It makes no sense.

Mr. Dickey you might not understand HOW corrupt this society is.

Did you know the Daily Beast ranked Tennessee #1 for corruption. Also, other publication.

The attitude is very narrow minded in this state and people "hate" me for whistleblowing about their racism.

Just yesterday another resident of Williamson County Tennessee told me the KKK was a "misunderstood" group of people. This person is a supporter of mine. I've heard "that" so many times, it's creepy. Although I'm grateful that people in the community are starting to understand the damage done by the excessive IDB debt that Nissan has. They understand the "debt service" is going to hurt the quality of life for ALL.
Side note: Many people in Tennessee believe in their hearts that Jewish people are "evil". My child's father is Jewish. They tell me Catholics are not Christian, I'm Catholic. They tell me they don't want my child marrying their child because the do not like the mixing of races, my child is Chinese. I won't even tell you what they think of gays. Nissan HR did not ask employees from California to make the move to Tennessee if they "thought" they were gay. Too many people have told me stories and I believe "if" an investigative reporter did some research you would have a "good piece of journalism." Still i understand Nissan buys a bunch of ads so economically it makes no sense for Gannett to report the story.

Sir, I truly hate living in Tennessee and NISSAN has destroyed my reputation because I whistleblew.

Please can you tell Mr. Harvey to do as I requested and "send me notification" that he's not going to attack me legally.
I've been jailed 3 times and my blood pressure is high. This added stress is "really" not appreciated. Still I must blog. I fear that if I don't I could get "railroaded" by the courts.

Mr. Dickey NOBODY thinks that my blogs are "official" Gannett web sites. The argument made is "ridicules". I'm an American who wants justice & to move back to a society that values people of

ALL races & the constitution.

Thank you,

Sharyn Bovat


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Sent: Mon, Jan 23, 2012 4:03 pm
Subject: From Sharyn Bovat to Gannett Lawyer Robb Harvey

Mr. Harvey,
I have communicated with a Gannett executive and I believe that the situation you wrote to me about is "resolved". Sir now "clearly" states that I'm not Maria De Varenne or working for Gannett.
Please confirm that you're satisfied with the changes. Also, I will not initial that "demand" letter, believing the letter is/was a bullying tactic.

Also, I hope you do meet with me like i suggested about the copy write rules. I want to be a team player. Just show me respect.

As of now I'm doing blogs now to "educate" people and I'm aware that blogs for profit have a different set of rules.

Sir, you'd be amazed the reaction to Gannett's attempt to "muzzle" a whistleblower. It has outraged "just a few people." Today, I told Mark Silverman that I wanted a "peaceful" life & I'm tired of the drama that goes along with being a whistleblower. I'm tired of waking up everyday and having to rant about DOE fraud and discrimination. Mr Silverman assured me that soon "my viral" protest will be over. I sure do hope he's right.

The "thought" of ranting about Freedom of Speech too is a lot to digest. Still I'm up for the challenge.


Thank you & have a great day!

Sharyn Bovat
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