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Desmond Tutu Too

South African Bishop Desmond Tutu's daughter and I were waiting for 

Flights in the delta airport lounge the summer of 2007.   I was 

taking Madelyn to Brussels & she was taking her son to Johannesburg.


We talked about what led to the end of apartheid and how "change" 



FYI someday it will be known that  it was George Bush (H) who was 

responsible freeing Mandela & ending Apartheid.  This happened by 

making Libya take ALL the responsibility for the Lockerbie crash.


The  CIA during Bush's presidency ensured The end of communism, 

Reagan’s legacy & built a mid eastern intelligence network that has 

protected us from serious nuclear attacks.


I think the Bush family deserves respect on how well they have treated 

people of ALL races  The fact is just 1% of the of the republican 

party are (overly)racist.  The 99% of us are just people that want 

fair government, less taxes, a strong military and the American dream.

Mark Silverman and I had dinner at Giovanni's on August 6th the Ben Bradlee winner told me that I could help give
closure to the Lockerbie families.  I believe the cover up of Iran's involvement at the time was "smart" geo political manuvering.  The fact is that Iran has been America's enemy since the Carter  administration & now that Gadaffi (a horrible tyrant) is gone it's OK  to speak up about Iran's most likely role.

Energy Independence is Important

Years ago i wanted to save the spotted owl.  Now I've grown up and 

decided I want The Keystone pipeline, offshore drilling it's how to get 

Americans working again.  Wall Street is funding drilling in Brazil.  It's time to invest in American.  

Can someone tell the White House that it's time for "reasonable" thinking and for REAL job creation?

FYI- I like Leon Panetta & maybe Romney will make him part of 
transition team.


The mainstream media is hurting society.


Happy Thanksgiving!


:):) Sharyn


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