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Yes!!! A Cock Fight!!!

NISSAN I found an old scrap book storage......  I'm getting ready to MOVE!!!

Look at this.... The brocure from the "early 70's" for the "family park" where my Mom took us to a
cock fight..... YES!!!  I did see some "interesting" things as a child....   Huh....   We spent about 6 hours in a clinic in Hong Kong....  Needed to get a vacine to get into Austrailia.....  ???   The 2 day trip was "spur of the moment"....   ???  Why ....  I will NEVER know.   My mom took me on a LOT of Twisted trips but she made them "fun"....  I think that is what makes me "smile.   I want so show my little girl the world and that women can be successful in life.   NISSAN "that" is WHY I want to do CSR  I want to show her that the "good guys" can win. THAT can only happen when Ghson Goes... read this blog for details.

Below is a picture of her in China and I ALSO want to help out orphans and those that take care of them by creating partnerships that "truly" benifit" society.  I've heard that NISSAN has "wasted" too much money in the past wiht 
insincere charities.   That needs to CHANGE. We'll talk about the "excess" spending of United Way later....We can just "blame it on Becker".   

Nissan.  THIS Battle of Human Decency has lasted longer than the amount of time that my little girl lived in the orpahage.  She has SUFFERED because of the Good Ole boy network at NISSAN.  She has seen her mom jailed and stressed.  

It's time for CHANGE!!!!


If anyone "questions" HOW I figured out the "issues" at Nissan and the intensity of the "corporate POWER Grab"  Well the answer is in my DNA.   I'm a FIGHTER and I'm getting TOUGHER!!!

If YOU don't want to make change and YOU want to keep GHOSN
THEN CALL MY LAWYER!!!    "this" has to END!!!  
Mr. Tavares has the number....

Thank You!!!!

Peace and  Repsect

Sharyn Bovat

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