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They $%#@&! Themselves

??? What Did This Woman NOT Tell Carlos Tavares

In the beginning I told Mr. Tavares my website was “contained” my goal was to get the attention of Paris and Tokyo. 

In September 2009 I started to have new viewers but it never expanded to the point of “getting out of control”.

Those in the Good Ole Boy network have made my life miserable for over a year. 

The Nissan fiscal year ends March 31st & the shareholders meeting is at the end of June.   

I went to NISSAN on July 7th needing a timeline of
change.  I don’t think anybody knew the level of
harassment I’ve received in this small town for whistle blowing “until” the Good Ole Boys had me arrested…..TWICE.

Because of Rob’s actions (doing that sworn out warrant) an article was written about me on the internet and I got a LOT of calls. 

Former Nissan employees from LA reached out to help, many are VERY successful working for the competition.  They reached out to help their colleagues that moved to Tennessee.  They want fairness for them.

Early this summer corruption was then connected ALL the way to Mr. Ghosn.  
Had I just received RESPECT on July 7th change at NISSAN could have waited till the end of the fiscal year and many that were part of the NISSAN Internal Batttle could have easily switched to members of Team Tavares. People could have kept their dignity.  That's what I wanted from DAY 1.

NOW my story is "out there" & hovering.  The major media knows & too many people know about problems at NISSAN’s  &  in America.   My issue is now VIRAL. For the record I never wanted that "until"  I was tossed into jail.  My American rights were taken away.   That was WRONG!!!

Not only did I whistle blow on NISSAN I became a whistle blower against those that took America to 2 wars for oil.    Military leaders wanted to go to Baghdad during the 1st war but BIG BUSINESS did not want that to happen & business foreign nations PAID for the 1st war.  Sadly, the 2nd war was "not on the house" The next generation of average Americans will be paying for it.      
So for EV success French President Sarkozy has to fire Renault/Nissan Carlos Ghosn kindof like Ronald Reagan had to fire the air traffic controllers.

???  Why   Because "Image is Everything".

Good News!!! 
NOW Williamson County is waking up..   They’re starting to talk about the segregation problem.   WORLD the problems are REAL.    Look at my web stats:

Have A Great Day!!!   Sharyn        Love Cars~Love People~Love the Planet



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Williamson County Briefs: Franklin to form task force

October 10, 2010

Franklin to form task force

Franklin Special School District Director David Snowden is assembling a School Equity Task Force to devise ways — possibly including rezoning — to balance the 37 percent of students considered economically disadvantaged among the seven FSSD schools. Currently, Franklin Elementary School has the highest rate at 61 percent. The lowest rate is at Poplar Grove Elementary School at about 13 percent.


Comments for article on possible rezoning plan:

New rezoning plan may appear this week


hereugo wrote:

Williamson County Schools has some explaining to do; to the taxpayers, to the students, possibly to the NAACP, possibly to the courts.

I live in Brentwood and have grown kids so I was not affected by any zoning changes. After following the articles and news stories about this, putting two and two together, and spending 5 minutes looking at a map, it became apparent what is going on. I am surprised this has been able to go on as long as it has. But as a red blooded, taxpaying citizen of a country that suffered through a much needed desegragation a long time ago, it is outrageous that in the year 2010 there are still bigoted politics that have resurrected racist practices from the past.
10/10/2010 1:33:02 PM


yesway wrote:

The pseudoelitists of this county are pathetic.
I was having dinner at a local favorite yesterday. There was a county commissioner there and we chatted about the rezoning mess and the at least appearance of segregation in this county. At the end of that conversation, it was clear that the purse strings would be pulled tight until WCS can fairly fill up the schools and equally divide the diversity and economically challenged of Franklin.
I hope their words hold true. At least the county commission has some clear thinkers who can see what is happening. I wish the same was true for the BOE.
10/10/2010 12:00:37 PM


morganco wrote:

Across the hall from my childs history class at CHS there are two classrooms being used by Central Office. Next door to the same room is an empty science lab. Those are not the only empty classrooms at Centennial, either. How can we as taxpayers continue to support a board and commission that build new schools when we have a school with empty classrooms that is consistantly less than 75% capacity? Now let's talk about the zoning pattern. Anyone who looks knows that there is something very wrong with the patterns of zoning. I am very suprised the NAACP hasn't gotten involved. It is quite obvious that the board has worked very hard to get the majority of the minority kids in one school. Wake up Williamson County tax payers.
10/10/2010 11:17:20 AM


wmctymom wrote:

What about MIDDLE SCHOOLS? The Board has put together a plan which leaves 175 EMPTY seats at Brentwood Middle. Instead of rezoning students from Grassland Middle to Brentwood Middle, they are rezoning them to HILLSBORO! Hillsboro will be 125% of capacity and Brentwood will be at 80% capacity. Must be nice to be RICH and have LOTS OF ROOM at your school. Of course the Hillsboro kids wouldn't know anything about that, being 25% economically disadvantaged - over 6 times more than Brentwood. Not to mention - Brentwood has tons of sports and many academic offerings that POOR HILLSBORO does not. So the POOR HILLSBORO kids get a school with no room for them and no services while the RICH Brentwood kids have lots of room and lots of services.
10/10/2010 9:58:27 AM


WilcoProud wrote:

IHS - 1800+ students - 4 portables, multiple teachers without their own classroom
RHS - 1900+ students - 4 portables, even more teachers then IHS without their own classroom
FHS - 1800+ students - 0 portables, but I have heard about 2 dozen teachers without their own classroom.
Does any really want to talk optimum verses capacity? Really?
Then there is Centennial;
CHS - 1350+ students - 0 portables, optimum capacity 1600, built for 1800. All the poor, all the diversity in Franklin are in their much smaller population. Poor and minority students ride busses right past FHS to come to CHS. More affleunt students that live less than 5 minutes from CHS dive 20 minutes away to PHS.

Does the WCS BOE think was are all blind, or is it that they think we are all stupid, or is it that we are all elitist, or is it that we are are racist? Its got to be one of those. Now which is it, because no amount of argument or logic can explain what has been done to segragate the county schools.
10/10/2010 7:24:10 AM


WilcoProud wrote:

We will see if the dirty little racist secret of Franklin will be kept very soon, it sounds like.

Mr. Anderson, even if the optimum number at CHS we 1600 students, why has it only had 1200 to 1300 for years and years? As the longest serving board member, why has almost all of the poor and almost all of the diversity been sent to one school, when no amount of logic or trying can explain it away?

Why can FSSD do the right thing and look to balancing their populations, but WCS cannot?

Why do I see multiple portables at IHS and RHS and hear about classes been taught in halls and of dozens of teachers who float around the building all day using other teachers classrooms? Is that optimum use? Or is that exceeding capacity?

My nephew at FHS once said "thank goodness the halls are so wide at FHS, it gives you room to dodge all the teachers who have to change their rooms every period and are pushing through the crowd with all of their meterials on a cart.

Optimum? I think not


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