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??? Think About This

If it were NOT for Good ole Boy Greed these towers could "still" be standing.

All over the world I met great people...who inspire me to SPEAK today. Bottom line and “my” opinion:  

Iraq “thought” we wanted them to “invade”....

Maybe when “W” became president he and his VP “needed Saddam to be silent so keeping  and eye out for the “tall guy” was not on the radar and money monitoring the “tall guy” was diverted to watching Iraq.
This was BEFORE 9-11.

Then the towers fell and after 9-11 the Greedy Good Ole Boys got their ‘money making plan’ together one that created jobs for companies owned by their “buddies”.  

They strategically "twisted” the blame for the Attack on America to Iraq. They gave congress “bad” info.
Congress was desperate for “action” to show they cared to their constituents and they voted to go to War without UN approval.  The “Good Ole Boy Greedy” made money Sadly the jobs were in the middle east and lives were lost.    

Think about this!!!!!

Had Bush #1 wanted success he could have gone to Baghdad.  The goal was a “long term embargo” to keep the price of a barrel high.  Better for the Good Ole Boys....Businesses profited and others were formed overseas at American taxpayer expenses to keep the back accounts “full” of those aligned with the “Greedy Good Ole Boy Elite”.  

Carlos Ghosn's "right hand man" Jim Morton helped to fund the right wing political Good Ole Boys.

Carlos Ghosn was a "Friend of Bill's".....huh   

???  How close of a friend was he.

This "skirt"  GETS IT!!!!   side thought: A former client of mine Frederique was a skirt they did not want speaking too.

Back to my point:  I called my mom and told her the planets were aligning for a "September Surprise" :) :)
America will know before the midterm elections that I was WRONGED by a Good Ole Boy network and in the process of communicating that message America will learn "they too" were wronged by the Good Ole Boys..
OMG!!!  The man I've documented for OVER a year "swore out" a warrant to arrest me and I went to jail "twice" and ALL I was doing was sitting in the lobby.  NO court order and NISSAN is having an Internal Battle of Control.  The DA did not let me tell "my side" & neither did the police before they arrested me.   NOW I'm going to the grand jury.  WOW!!!  If the police would have simply asked me to "leave" I would have.  The warrant written by "Rob" is a piece of "fiction".   I've been set up for failure by the Good Ole Boys & I could NOT find a "local" lawyer to represent me in court (that I could not talk about too) What happened to me in Williamson County was WRONG!!!  

Luckily Tennessee is "still" apart of America and I have the Freedom of Speech!!!
My voice could be the ONLY thing that can save me.   I'm scared of the Tennessee courts still i'm STRONG!!!
I'm fighting for our American Rights & I'm getting ready to POUNCE!!!!

Innocent people died on 9-11-2001 and then so did thousands of our brave troops.  
Again, it did NOT need to happen.

People need to know the truth about the "Greed Good ole Boy Elite" and how their war profiteering hurt America.   Our Economy crumbled under long term Good Ole Boy leadership and what happened at NISSAN was a miniature version.  Businesses and Countries need to be run by those with "pure hearts" and NO hidden agendas. The goal MUST be the betterment of society/the company NOT personal greed..  

This is "just a rant" & God Bless America.....  

Have a Good Night!!!


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