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NYC Taxi's Support IRAN

Currently Mississippi ONLY makes about 600 vans a month….   In Tennessee a Nissan manager reached out to me because he was upset that “originally” the taxi’s were "pitched" as "made in the USA" and they believed the NYC officials were told that too.  Later I was also contacted by someone in Canton Mississippi complaining about the job issue, right before the public announcement it was said that the taxi’s would be made Mexico. 

"I appreciate the Jewish community because they stick up for what is morally right...  many understand that NYC should not have given a contract to a company that does business with IRAN"

Sharyn Bovat has been asked for FACTS about Renault doing business in IRAN and proving it is very easy..  "I tell people to GOOGLE"....
???  Why did the DOE give a loan to a company that does business with a country that's considered a terrorist state. 

Nissan NV van stumbling out of the gate

“….Dealers are sitting on a 205-day inventory of NVs as of the end of September…It's still early enough in the game that it's not worth trying to predict the NV's future. It has some help on the way, with a passenger version and the NV200 New York City taxi rolling out next year. “


The Boston Globe 01-11-2011: Nissan Motor Co. said Tuesday that production of its 2012 NV commercial van will begin Jan. 19 at its expanded plant in Canton, Miss., marking its first venture into the U.S. commercial vehicle market. The NV offering will be aimed at commercial van customers through a network of about 240 Nissan commercial dealers, with sales set to begin in the spring. The NV will compete against Ford Motor Co.'s... (capacity to make over 2000 a month)......

Nissan Mexico plant to produce New York City’s taxi of tomorrow

Nissan Mexico plant to produce New York City’s taxi of tomorrow

Elizabeth Helsley

Nissan Mexico has been selected by New York City to produce the “Taxi of Tomorrow.” The futuristic-looking Nissan NV200 will make its official debut in NYC’s taxi fleet in late 2013.

In a competition that started in 2007, Nissan Mexico beat out designs from Turkish manufacturer Karsan and Ford. The New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission chose the Nissan NV200 for its durability, safety, comfort, passenger amenities and other features. This commercial vehicle, presently available in Japan, Europe and China, will be customized for NYC. Each cab will cost $29,000 USD. The new cabs will replace the present fleet, which is composed of a hodgepodge of Crown Victorias, Ford Escapes, Toyota Priuses and other vehicles. This means that in a little more than two years, all New York taxis will be the same model — at least for the next decade. The Nissan plant, located in the state of Morelos, has pledged to use 80% Mexican parts on the new model, which will be a huge boost to local auto manufacturer suppliers.

The contract to build the new taxis has given the Mexican plant a guaranteed 10 more years of work. In order to meet the demand for the taxi project, the plant will be hiring 200 to 300 workers to complement its current workforce of 3,000. The Morelos plant currently exports to over 59 countries. Nissan is the best-selling auto manufacturer in Mexico, with over 25% market share. Mexico’s automotive sector has seen tremendous growth lately, as auto manufacturers are taking advantage of Mexico’s skilled labor and ideal location as an export market.


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