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NISSAN Please my life is HORRIBLE as a whistle blower in Tennessee. 

Ex-FBI agent: 'Gangstalking' term self-harm for Gov. no-touch Torture eugenics Deborah Dupre February 23rd, 2011 1:16 pm ET


  A former FBI agent whistleblower has warned targeted individuals today about using the term "gangstalking," saying this inflicts self-harm by portraying signs of delusion, and thus mental illness, a state agents aim to create and this cover-up the government's mind control, and thus behavior control, negative eugenics program, part of the United States torture matrix.

Gangstalking, a term many targeted individuals have adopted for part of their treatment, is "designed by infiltrators and counterintelligence reverse agents working for or as part of the government, to defer culpability away from the government by attaching responsibility to a mythical group of citizens that are alleged to coordinate elaborate surveillances," states Bob Levin, former FBI agent.

In-community no-touch torture program

Bob Levin says he is a validated FBI Whistleblower and, as a targeted individual, is a blacklisted investigative journalist who exists under the color of something cousin to McCarthyism. Levin has stated that revelations in his soon to be released publication will be more revealing than Wikileaks' files.

According to Levin in a written statement today, targeted individuals are spreading a belief that government agents want them to do to hide the government's covert in-community no-touch torture program, part of negative eugenics.

Targeted individuals are using the term "gangstalking" and supporting the government cover-up by "self-perpetuating paranoia,[another form of self-inflicted harm that is the primary earmark of CIA torture programs," Levin states.

"This is exacerbated and further spread to like minded individuals who take on the qualities of having mental illness in adult life [another self-inflicted harm] like children afraid that a ghost is living in their closet when a shirtsleeve is hanging outside the door and takes on an ominous appearance until the lights are turned back on."

Most adults, upon hearing a target attempt to explain people are following him or her, question the mental state of the individual trying to explain and gain support for their persecution.

Levin explains, "Plausible deniability results by the shear scope of the claim, like someone asking a person what they do for a living and the person responds that they are an assassin for the CIA who neutralizes overseas targets.  The person asking the question will not suspend their disbelief and likely laugh as if it’s a joke."

Similarly if a TI hands out flyers or confronts the public or local police in a manner that does not ease them towards an understanding without shock and disbelief."

The TI has unwittingly painted his or her state as one of delusion and worse, according to Levin. The individual is viewed as a possible threat to self and the public.

If a threat to self and the public, the individual can be classified as a terrorist, subject to forced imprisonment or forced psychiatric confinement, fulfilling the ultimate aim of the government and a major rational for the US PATRIOT ACT that, according to Levin, is part of the U.S. negative eugenics policy.

Fox and Hound Non-consensual Human Experimentation

"All that said," stated Levin, "there are/is CIA “fox and hound” exercises." According to Levin, this is where specific targeted individuals are randomly selected or specifically selected to practice surveillance techniques on.

Today, this surveillance "could probably include a multi-level series of events, from following the TI, finding out what items they purchased at the market, the books they buy, the things they read online or even illegally entering that persons home to either inspect or leave an evident sign they were there to observe and study human reactions."

"Sick and twisted yes it is, but they have been using American and Canadian citizens as involuntary human test animals since the second leg of CIA MK-ULTRA to develop the four principles of the Torture Paradigm."

According to Levin, what he also calls the "Torture Matrix," includes:

1. Causing Self-Inflicted Harm;

2. Sensory Disorientation;

3. Attacking Individual Fears;

4. Attacking Cultural Identity.      

Many targeted individuals allegedly suffer no-touch torture injuries from military-grade remotely applied Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs).

Levin stated, "Direct Energy Weapons [DEWs] aka Enhanced Radiation Weapons [ERWs] are real. There is no more science fiction, everything has been invented or is on the drawing board."

Blackfile Summary Report

Levin's "Blackfile Summary Report" is to be published this year. He says his report includes his personal story of becoming a targeted individual subjected to "political retribution of ongoing illegal Cointelpro operations applied in conjuncture with the tactics, techniques and technologies employed under the four principle components comprising the CIA Torture Paradigm/Matrix."

Levin's website includes a further explanation of the U.S. torture program and his drive to expose it:

The intent of this systematic systemic genocidal formula for negative eugenics, further recognizes the primary earmark of all CIA torture programs by causing "self-inflicted harm" in the various forms of that meaning. With the conversion of a once meaningful life into an existence of adjunct human slavery, the individual sense of self-identity in human beings is eroded by the hopelessness of an emerging virtual death camp environment where Post Traumatic Stress Disorder occurs on average at twenty-four days of exposure until even those conditioned to not have a breaking point begin to welcome the idea of peace through oblivion.

The Blackfile Summary Report will provide a historical accounting reaching back to WWI and forward into the present moment. It will reveal that both specific and randomly targeted individuals having been sanctioned as involuntary human test animals since the second leg of the CIA MK-ULTRA Program. The continued testing and development of Direct Energy Weapons [DEW] aka Enhanced Radiation Weapons [ERW] employing weaponized electromagnetic pulse radiation and other energy frequencies against innocent American and Canadian citizens.


Levin's work to be published will expose the following:

·         The voluntary admission by a Republican source close to the U.S. Secret Service of a criminal Congressional conspiracy and cover-up by Senator John McCain to scapegoat the deaths of American and Canadian citizens following a regional power blackout caused by then President George H.W. Bush [facilitator and U.S. intelligence agent], issuance of a clandestine order to test an aerial EMP weapon from a refitted military A-6 E Intruder jet bomber over New York City that subsequently killed a number of American and Canadian citizens; many on hospital life support systems. 

·         The use of weaponized electronics to penetrate the private and intellectual electronic property and media of persons for the theft and destruction of future earnings. 

·         The use of directed energy weapons to destroy electronic media equipment and other personal property. 

·         The repeated frequency of occurrences and the psyops of counterintelligence reverse tactics ranging from insidious to blatant acts of depraved indifference to become "no touch" invisible physical torture with the built-in plausible deniability that causes the unaffected to ask the question "why would someone do this to another person", to which the answer remains, "so you would ask that very question under a fog of delusional suspicion." 

·         The active espionage by moles within the U.S. government. 

·         The illegal use of warrantless wiretapping, roving bug applications, illegal reverse targeting under FISA and HIPAA violations through punitive medical Cointelpro. 

·         The report by a source close to the Joint Special Operations Command [JSOC] team that was ordered by the Bush White House through the Pentagon "do not kill Osama bin Laden and withdraw your team from the area" after Bin Laden was identified in Pakistan and a confirmation order was requested to neutralize the combatant target. 

·         The leaking of classified and federally sealed documents to serve as the U.S. government's passive sanction for assassination in political retribution. 

·         The known and suspected jackal assassinations of innocent human beings, targeted individuals, journalists, federal witnesses, and whistleblower patriots with the defining pattern of death occurring days before testifying and others being neutralized as warnings to a third party; e.g., Dr. Frank Olson, James Michael Francke, Vincent Foster, CIA Chief Bill Colby, Gary Webb, Dr. Bruce E. Ivins, Michael Connell, Paul David Wellstone, Michael McLaughlin, and John “Jack” Wheeler. 

·         The wrongful death, kidnapping, rape, sexual mutilation, and attempted murder of non-criminal federal witnesses while active within the WITSEC Program; two reported Senator Chris Dodd and his father for money laundering government funds through quasi federal agencies and organized crime syndicates. The truth behind a U.S. blacksite facility that is a legacy of the CIA MK-ULTRA Program hidden beneath the boilerplate of another federal agency's clandestine program. 

·         The story of locating a Nazi SS war criminal living in the U.S. in 1983. 

·         The list of known federal administrators and other culpable actors having committed major index crimes, congressional perjury and coconspiratorial acts during their given testimonies regarding the false flag operation of 911 and while fraudulently obtaining black project budgets. 

·         The theft of government funds by a former clandestine federal agent sent to prison and released as a federal felon to affect illegal Cointelpro operations as orchestrated by his culpable former known federal administrators and other supervisory and clandestine agents. 

·         The deliberate and duplicitous obstruction of justice under the color of selective enforcement by U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder with his refusal under Title 18 USC to provide written authorization to publish the names of known culpable clandestine federal agents. 

·         The nearly successful Cointelpro assassination attempt of Levin in 1994 by an electronics special weapons engineer employed by the Pentagon's U.S. Naval Department and the Bush White House's threat to remain silent or face their invention of a criminal charge while they simultaneously outed his clandestine security clearance multiple times to serve as the government's passive sanction for the assassination of another American Patriot and validated FBI Whistleblower.

For more information on the work by Bob Levin, visit:

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