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I've already had someone approach me with another "issue" of excess spending. One that will remind you of that guy in another company that remodeled his bathroom at his companies expense.     NISSAN your opening a can of worms.   OUCH!!!!  

My goal is to HELP NISSAN not hurt and I emailed A NISSAN lawyer about this & my thought at the time was that  NISSAN was listening  & you could not change the past.   Time to move forward and focus on spending properly in the future.

When NISSAN announced 7-10-09 that the French Fringe leader (the guy who spoke to congress to get OUR hard earned tax money) was going back to Paris, I thought CHANGE would happen.    AMERICA this happened immediately after I put it on MY website that he was in charge of those that carelessly spent.   Unfortunately those that managed & signed off on the expenses the HR department controlled  by  "the Good Ole Boy"  alliance are still in charge. You'll know from my website of the other "issues". 

FYI  For years while "current" NISSAN leadership worked to build a GLOBAL company others networked and made "deals".    The Ultimate Battle for Power  in the boardroom was not supposed to happen until NEXT year.  Those that have aligned with the "Good Ole Boys"  & "French Fringe"had a plan.   Make Tavares Fail in the AMERICA.

  They wanted to wait for our economy to change THEN make their move and get rid of GHOSN*.

It's actually a fantastic plan.  So much money was spent moving "players" all over the globe.  That's why I call it a CHESS game.   When part of the plan was for Failure in North America so "new" global leadership could come in to "fix" the problems" in OVER A YEAR,  that's when this MAVERICK said "NOT WITH MY TAX MONEY". 

Also, VERY IMPORTANT!!!  Do YOU want RECKLESS spenders who are SELF motivated leading this GLOBAL company.  Those that have aligned with people that discriminate?  Those AMERICAN's with daughters most likely want their "skirt" to succeed.   My battle is for human decency.   Back to the issus.

Mr. Tavares is aligned with Mr. Ghosn so my "thought" is let's make him succeed now.

TOKYO ..   Are you Listening?????

********************BACK TO MY POINT********************

That said I know of many CONCERNED TAXPAYERS in Middle Tennessee that have their OWN stories of wasteful spending that has happened at NISSAN.

As Taxpayers YOU too are disturbed by this but might not feel comfortable in sharing your "issues".

I have a confidential way of dealing with this. 

Please mail me YOUR issue's in a plain envelope and I will make sure they get read by people that are "responsible spenders".   Good Change can only happen with input from regular people like us.  This is important.

Let's Scare NISSAN Straight. 

It's our money and we should have a say in how it's spent.


Girl in The Black Honda, Who is Fighting for the American Taxpayer
9050 Carother's Pkwy.  #104
Franklin,  TN   37067

*How do I know that my "thoughts" on this GLOBAL leadership battle are true.  My statistics.  I told less than 50 about this website and I've had over 27,000 viewers.   I see which "thoughts" create "interest".

All "thoughts"  are based from my experiences while working for NISSAN as a consultant and most of my thought's  happened because many considered me a friendly "fixture" who didn't understand a word they were saying.

Mr. Morton.....FYI   Based on my numbers...People LOVE the letter I wrote to you.   
AMERICA you can find it in:   Letter for NISSAN NORTH AMERICA.
Sir, You'll definitely make it in my book and we'll do a WHOLE chapter on Real Estate.  I'm finding a professor in Business Ethics to assist me with "thoughts" that will be published.    

Mr, Saikawa,  Just to let you know that YOU will be a key player in my book.  
the chapter title is:   Saikawa Makes Spenders Smile

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