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NISSAN Remember:

Bad Spending of American Taxpayer Dollars is WRONG!!!

Discrimination is WRONG!!!

The Lack of Humanity Shown to So Many Hardworking Employees at Nissan, those that worked on the Revival Plan was WRONG!!!  Those people that helped "save the company" were then "sacrificed" by Morton~Ghosn for "questionable reasons for the companies move to Tennessee had "little" economic return in the mid term and longterm the move had /NO" economic gain.  The retention #'s that have been given out by NISSAN HR were strategically  "tampered".  What they did was "not ethical". 

In fact so much intellectual property was lost the NISSAN stockholders LOST money.   

I was told on that floor that at NISSAN "Skirts Don't Speak". when I was asking questions about spending and turnover. I was told this when I asked specifically about 2 women VP's and their role in the company.  

The HR leadership called me into 4 meeting, 2 on the executive floor. 

HR feared my knowledge, offered me money to be silet, still I spoke and told Carlos Tavares of problems.   I was bullied and harassed because I told the Chairman of the America's problems. 

When I needed to trade the keys of my Honda for that of the Chairmans Infiniti they harassed me.   I had to meet the assistant to Mr. Tavares in a parking lot at the Embassy Suites.  

The people that profited from the move were to Tennessee are what I call "Good Ole Boys".  

When people like Bucky left and were replaced by HR staff from the Smyrna plant they fired women and replaced them in many cases with people that were NOT qualified.  The Good Ole Boy HR was originally led by Jim Morton. 

They made "semi-public" comments that the goal was for Nissan to leave California because it was a "godless state".  

FYI- NISSAN a large percentage of YOUR customers in  America are NOT right wing christians. They will "get" that what they did was morally wrong..  In fact "globally" MOST of Nissan customers are not on "team jesus".  In business I believe religion should NEVER be used as a litmus test in corporate hiring decisions.  Especially from multi-national companies.  

For the record I'm a christian who speaks about so many topics yet believes religion and a persons relationship with god is PRIVATE.  That said:  Tennessee residents doh't worry and PLEASE stop trying to "save" me.   Thank You!!!
Keeping this Website Up Longer Than Needed for "Good Change" is Ridicules.

???  Is Change NOT happening. If NOT Just Tell me..... Seriously...     

Have A Great Weekend!!!        Sharyn

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