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From the Chicago Tribune from Edmonds (a reliable auto news source)

Toyota Motor Corp. and Ford Motor Co. are winning the trade-in wars …. Infiniti and Mercury brands tied for last with just 14 percent of those owners trading in vehicles for another of the same make.


NISSAN-I get it!!!!


If all decisions are done out of Yokohama and that’s the ONLY place where “change” can happen  then I can do CSR-Diversity-CQ-Relocation there OK…

FYI-   I need 9 days in America  each month…. that’s 2 full weekends.  


When I read these survey’s it “hits home” the fact that change has to happen for success in Tennessee and for jobs to be created. Actually for jobs “everywhere”.


In North America the “Good Ole Boy” network destroyed your reputation and that’s why I know that for future success for Infiniti you must cater to the “next” generation of luxury car buyers.  You MUST be trendy.   The truth is
the "over 40” CIRQUE DU SOLEIL CROWD  does NOT think that highly of YOUR reputation.   So we  need to start with “starter luxury” and build “loyalty” with TRUST..  We’ll get them to “pay attention “ to your brand by being “good global citizens”.  NISSAN it’s the best map for success


Also, it’s time for women and Americans to be heard.


NISSAN - I understand people.  A year ago NOBODY including me could imagine the “relo” consultant wanting a top job.  The truth is I stepped up to the plate with a problem and NOBODY listened to me in North America so it “snowballed”.  I took it upon myself to represent the people disenfranchised by the “good ole boy” network that dominated HR who discriminated against women, minorities & “oddly” Californians.  
They were destroying the community along with YOUR company  & they “laughed” about it calling YOUR executive floor the “play pen”. 


TOKYO the “toddlers” did NOT do a good job with customer satisfaction.


NISSAN women will buy more of YOUR cars when we feel “comfortable” with the product and the manufacturer.  It’s been a “LONG” battle of human decency and I think I proved my point. 


GOOD NEWS!!!!   I think some important people in Tokyo GET IT!!!  

Remember ….You can move “up” the charts.  It’s Possible with “1” team. 


Time for Change.


Have A Great Day!!!     Sharyn

Love Cars~Love People~Love the Planet


Toyota tops on repeat drivers

Loyalty drops for leader; Ford makes gains


Toyota Motor Corp. and Ford Motor Co. are winning the trade-in wars.

Nearly 58 percent of the buyers trading in a Toyota, stuck with the brand when they purchased a new vehicle in the first quarter, according to auto information company

Ford was second with 56 percent of Ford trade-ins resulting in the purchase of a new Ford. That's up by almost 5 points from the first quarter of 2009.


Overall, Hyundai was third with just less than 56 percent of its owners coming back for another.

Among domestic brands, Chevrolet was second at 45 percent and Dodge third at 38 percent.

Among the import brands, Honda was second at 51 percent.


The Infiniti and Mercury brands tied for last with just 14 percent of those owners trading in vehicles for another of the same make.

While Toyota led the industry, its numbers were down by 2.5 points from the first quarter of last year.

Toyota's performance might have fallen more if not for aggressive financing and lease incentive specials and a recent loyalty program that included two years of free maintenance for current owners, said Michelle Krebs, an analyst.  The automaker has suffered a series of large recalls in recent months and a $16.4 million fine from federal safety regulators for delays in notifying federal authorities about defects in its gas pedals.  "Automakers like Ford, Honda and Chevy are generating loyalty by delivering on or above customer expectations — without having to pay for special marketing programs," Krebs said.  — Jerry Hirsch, Tribune Newspapers


Luckily some “GOOD” News………

Top of Form

Nissan's New Leaf Aligns with Healthy Lifestyles

Nissan has more than 40 of its new Leaf vehicles riding along as support vehicles with an 800-mile, eight-day cycling road race. Of course, it is also showing off the cars benefits of being 100% electric with zero emissions to its target group of people living healthy lifestyles. 
The article kind of implies that the car to the left of my comments is a LEAF……But the “good News" is highlighted in YELLOW……

The promotion is part of Nissan’s two-year deal to be the official vehicle of the Amgen Tour of California that features elite professional teams from around the world. The sponsorship officially kicks off Nissan’s fully integrated 2010 “Master the Shift” campaign, which has been active for three years


The race is now underway and ends May 23. Nissan is also activating its sponsorship of one of the teams, Team RadioShack, the cycling team led by seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong and three-time defending Amgen Tour of California champion Levi Leipheimer. Lance Armstrong is a spokesperson for the Leaf and will be the first to receive and own one in September, Erich Marx Director of Marketing and Media for Nissan, said. The car rolls out to consumers Dec. 1. Marx said Armstrong’s legacy, fitness and push for excellence are a perfect fit for the Leaf.


In addition, Nissan will have a consumer experience at the MBT Footwear Lifestyle Festival at the finish of each stage. The Nissan experience at each location will feature a Nissan LEAF display and debut Nissan LEAF virtual augmented reality technology. Cycling enthusiasts also will have an opportunity to check out a Team RadioShack Nissan Rogue, enter the Nissan Leaf sweepstakes and meet Team RadioShack riders.

The 2010 program will add on a number of additional running and cycling events, elite athlete endorsements and exclusive online content.

“Wherever Team RadioShack goes to race we will be there. Cause this is a global partnership.

The “Master the Shift” Facebook page acts as a central hub for the campaign.

The 16 host cities for the ride include: Nevada City, Sacramento, Davis, Santa Rosa, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, San Jose, Modesto, Visalia, Bakersfield, Palmdale, Big Bear Lake, Los Angeles, and Thousand Oaks/Westlake Village/Agoura Hills.



 30 Nissan D22 4x4 Pick-Up Trucks

Arrive in Haiti


YOKOHAMA, Japan, May 20 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. announced today that 30 Nissan D22 4x4 pick-up trucks arrived in Haiti and were received by the United Nations' World Food Programme.  The trucks will be put to work immediately to deliver food, supplies and aid in the massive ongoing efforts to help rebuild lives in a nation ravaged by a devastating earthquake on Jan. 12, 2010.


The donation of trucks, in response to a request from former U.S. President Bill Clinton, founder of the William J. Clinton Foundation and currently UN Special Envoy for Haiti, is an expansion of relief efforts in Haiti sponsored by Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. and its global community of employees.

"I'm pleased Nissan has answered our call for trucks to aid our recovery efforts in Haiti," said President Clinton.  "This generous donation will be critical in ongoing efforts to mobilize food and other needed supplies, and I'm thankful for Nissan's leadership in demonstrating how the private sector can help the people of Haiti 'build back better.'"

With the donation of the pick-up trucks, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. and its employees worldwide have contributed cash and products valued at nearly $750,000 to relief efforts in Haiti.

Immediately after the earthquake in January, Nissan employees took action to help – first with a donation of more than $100,000 cash, corporate matches for gifts from employees, and a commitment to partner with Habitat for Humanity International to construct new homes.  In response to the request for trucks, Nissan's Corporate Social Responsibility team worked with the U.N. to identify a partner relief organization and found a match in the World Food Programme, which took delivery of the trucks today in Port-au-Prince.

"When the Clinton Foundation contacted us about trucks for Haiti, there was no question that we would help," said Carlos Ghosn, President and Chief Executive Officer of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.  "Everyone at Nissan was eager to take action, and I know that our employees at Cuernavaca, Mexico, are especially proud that the trucks they have built in the Americas region are directly involved in helping the people of Haiti to rebuild their lives and their country."

"This is such a generous gift to the people of Haiti.  Nissan and its people have demonstrated how companies and employees can step up to the plate and deliver.  These Nissan trucks will help us and our partners to bring life-saving food and relief supplies to thousands of survivors in areas of Haiti that are hard to reach," said Josette Sheeran, Executive Director of the World Food Programme (WFP).  "WFP in its lead role in logistics needed new trucks and this partnership with the Clinton Foundation and Nissan comes at exactly the right time. The whole humanitarian community is grateful for this support."

The 30 pick-up trucks shipped to Haiti were built by the employees of Nissan Mexicana at the company's manufacturing center in Cuernavaca.  Each truck is marked with a special message of hope from the employees, "Nissan: Dans les rues d'Haiti pour vous aider!"  Translated from the Haitian French dialect, the message reads, "Nissan: On the roads of Haiti to help you!"

The Nissan D22 was identified as best suited for the relief efforts and conditions in Haiti.  It has a reputation for being a "workhorse" that has been used to deliver relief to people all over the world.  With that reputation, the choice of truck was clear – all that remained was logistics and reception by the World Food Programme.

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. is a signatory of the UN Global Compact, through which corporations commit that they will deploy financial and human resources to aid the relief of human suffering caused by natural disasters.  Nissan has a long-standing commitment to ensuring that its resources make life better for people.


This  is AMAZING!!!!    You need to be successful to keep doing these “great” efforts for society.   NISSAN …. Thank you

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