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Clinton Climate Elite

MESSAGE to Clinton Elite:

Most people make these frivolous decisions: Boxers vs Briefs or Coke vs Pepsi 

In 1989 Politicos “”shifting” from Reagan to Bush were asked   Israel vs Palestine.

Because I was “vocal” on my support of Israel my life was NOT as fun as it could have been: I believe that the NISSAN Good Ole Boys did not care that they sold Israel a “crap” product.  I said MANY months ago that a “false flag” operation was happening and I knew WHAT I was talking about. The fact is that jobs were lost in Tennessee when Renault BACKED OUT of the Penske deal because of the Better Place order for 100K to be used in Israel. Jobs then did NOT happen at the idle GM Spring Hill plant. Leaving many unemployed in Tennessee 

Being sympathetic to Israel I told the Chairman of the Americas when that happened in Fall 2009 that I knew that Israel needed energy independence so that I was "OK" with that and I did not blog about the problem until a viewer of this blog contacted me and told me the battery "is not up to snuff" and that the Leafs technology is outdated and that the EV driven in Israel must l be driven without airconditioning  "if" people want range I was mad. I've been to the middle east and it's HOT!!!   In two ways.   Worse the degradation was so bad on the current battery technology most batteries would not last the warranty offered.   This was not a situation that made sense. 

The current technology that NISSAN has to offer Israel is not ready and Israel would have been "better off" with a battery that has a "cooling system" kind of like FORDS.  

Ghosn "thought" or might have hoped he'd have better technology BEFORE production started but that did NOT happen.  

NOW those battery swapping stations will be REALLY busy in the hot summer months in Tel Aviv.    Still "fraud" happened to Israel and the cost of loss of jobs in TN is now magnified by Ghosn's selfish decision.  

Just yesterday the Tennesseean just reported that "up to" 1300 jobs would be created at NISSAN due to the battery plant BUT I heard from an insider "that" was NOT realistic.....200-400 (maybe) still the Gannett paper writes what the Obama Administration wants to hear.???   I guess Mark Silverman still has reporters "reruning NISSAN produced press releases"  & Pro Obama propaganda.  ???  Will Gannettt EVER publish how much each job that STIMULAS money cost.    Seriously America would like to know..... Mark's a "pit bull" and it will NEVER happen.     

Also,  Based on Ghosn's Good Ole Boys allies building the infrastructue for TOO much capacity that will NOT be demanded their already making "their cash" & Ghosn has nothing to lose it the EV is a flop.   He just takes his money and goes back to "doing deals" with countries that include IRAN.  In the Middle East he'll be a HERO for helping to KILL the Electric Car ...again.   

By companies pushing a technology that's "not ready" for the masses governments will "NOT" fund future projects.  Thus the REAL reason why bad decsion were made in reference to so many issues.... It's a FALSE FLAG!!!!

A REALISTIC EV Plan needs to happen in America.  Obama's DOE is just "throwing money" around recklessly.   Today America needs R & D to be the first to get Federal Funds...  Limit the subsidies and NO MORE Chargers that ONLY work on Cars from 1 country.   Yesterday a viewer called me and said the fast charger issue is = to a differnt nozzle needed for gasoline based on what country your car comes from.  Imagine if you had a "German pump" an "American pump" and a Japanese pump" .....  If gas stations needed multiple equipement then prices would go up..... GET IT!!!!

It's the ONLY way for "real" success to happen.    This is "just my thought" and 70-75% of the American voters agree with me.  

President Obama will NOT lose votes from Independent voters because of his race.  He'll lose their votes because he's doing a BAD job.  The Republicans BETTER learn how to Respect Diversity to ensure reckless spending in Washington DC ends ... So America can succeed!!!

Reagan administration (1981–1989)

Pro-Israeli organizations in the United States characterized the Reagan Administration (and the 100th Congress) as the "most pro-Israel ever" and praised the positive overall tone of bilateral relations.

George H.W Bush administration (1989–1993)

Secretary of State James Baker told an American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC, a pro-Israel lobby group) audience on May 22, 1989, that Israel should abandon its "expansionist policies," a remark many took as a signal that the relatively pro-Israel Reagan years were over.

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