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Someone texted me this:

"You Live Up to Your Reputation" 

my response: 


My Goal is to Open Eyes & Make Williamson County & NISSAN "aware" of the cultural issues and the need to accept diversity.  Everyone should have the opportunity to succeed. 

On the executive floor at NISSAN I was told "Skirts Don't Speak".  Tennessee is in America and NISSAN I'm insisting on letting the "skirts speak".  

I belive that if "Skirts & Suits" speak to each other good things can happen at NISSAN & in Tennessee.

I "understand" that NOT all Good Ole Boys are bad.  In fact some can be generous and caring.

That said:  This community needs to "change".  Soon those in government leadership & planning commissioners are going to be making business decsions that affect the taxpayers and they need to LOOK at new options.

In the past "new" ideas have been dismissed.  That and only certain voices have been listened to.

My suggestion is a community "task force" that lets Williamson County residents including those women at Starbucks participate in.   Those women have spent a lot of time gathering information and idea's that can benifit society. They need a role in our society or a forum that can generate "good idea's"  to help make "good change"  

I believe ALL commissioners are ALL hard working people. They ALL need to be listened too.     

Since Williamson County needs local leadership that is OPEN to accepting new idea's and change is happening at a prominent company in the community it's time to start a "new" dialoge. 

???  Maybe the new Mayor can annouce this.  
FYI_  Mr Schroer I wish you well with your new role in the Haslam administration.  My opinion YOU Sir are a Good "Good Ole Boy."   Also, TDOT is a service that saved my life when a tire blew on 440 for that YOU run a department that is critical to society and I know your brilliant.   Sir, I know you'll do a good job for the people.  

OK back to the upcoming decisions in Williamson County regarding the budgets, facilities, etc.  Kathy Danner had some idea's about the schools and government facilities that would save money.   Also, other members of the community have told me of other ways to use taxpayer money that would create long term success and be "less".   

We need the government leadership to be proactive in listening to "different" memebers in the community.  

We need ALL idea's on the table and we need government leaders to respect each other. 

WIth RESPECT of ALL People comes listening and "if" the decision makers have open eyes, ears & minds good change can happen.

My name is Sharyn Bovat and I spoke about wasteful spending and discrimination at NISSAN North America  I told the truth and people "outside" of Tennessee know it. In Williamson County a "good ole boy" network has made my life miserable since I became a whistle blower,  instead of fading away I've become louder, stronger & blonder :) :)   Soon I believe change will happen. 

My hope is that soon everyone living in Williamson County will know that they can speak up and make change.   FYI- Respect for ALL People is something I'm passionate about & Respect for the taxpayer or corporate dollar is something that I insist upon.

Soon workers at NISSAN can be proactive in making their company better by not fearing HR retaliation when they have an idea that will save the company money.  

Soon in Tennessee under the leadership of Governor Haslam people will know that Oxygen Facials are not an expense for the hard working taxpayer.

  I smell a VICTORY for the "average" taxpayer  in America.  

NISSAN If it were NOT Sunday I'd buy a bottle of  Grey Goose and get ready to celebrate;
Japan to show YOU I'm respectful of ALL cultures I'll toast w/a Sake chaser :) :)  

Have A Great Day!!!     Sharyn

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