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I'm Thankful

What I like about Ronald Reagan is he made being American fashionable and people in "my country" were once again PROUD to be American. 

“To ensure the President’s legacy in the history books the new strategy is for Reagan to end communism”…
“After we terrorized everyone about ‘the bear’ why???”

“To give him Mount Rushmore status”  ….The American people need to be onboard with peace & so do the Russians”… “OK”

People from all over the world wanted Freedom & many “foot soldiers” that wanted to end communism traveled to communist countries who believed that if they shared the bible with those living on the other side of the iron curtain they would want FREEDOM.  I traveled to Leningrad but instead of the bible I had packed a bunch of cosmopolitan magazines in my suitcase. The goal was to see what would "motivate" those that were waking up. 

During the Cold War in  Russia too much money  was used on building weapons and military dominance.   The people were struggling and demanding more from leadership.   The Russian Economy was collapsing and change was inevitable.   The goal for many people around the world was that the Russian people would want a democracy and they would want to be part of a global society.  The arms race would have no winners.  Roads and human services were the casualty of the cold war, intelligent people knew it needed to be over.


Also, for Russia money needed to be spent on  “infrastructure” and opportunities needed to be created for the “average” citizens for the “new communication age” showed them a lifestyle that the younger generation not only dreamed of they demanded..

Many Americans and world citizens helped those on the “inside”.

 I’ve shared my experiences in the past…..   Today I show you a picture of me that I sent to Mr. Tavares OVER a year ago.   The photo was taken after 2 days of not knowing what was going on & after I knew I was OK.  

Today is Thanksgiving and to some guy in Leningrad/St. Petersburg
Sir, I’m Thankful for YOU: 

A Young KGB officer searched my backpack.    I could tell he was opening a zipper and inside was a camera.  I was terrified.  He looked at me …  I just stared at him.  He was thinking..  I could tell.  It felt like forever….  When he pulled his arm out from my back pack I thought he’d have the camera.  Instead it was my Big Red Gum.   He looked at me nodded.  He took my juicy fruit gum,  big red gum and my Jergens hand lotion and put them in his pocket.  I believe it’s him who organized by “bizarre” exit from that building.    

Thank You!!! 
Have A Great Day!!!

Sharyn Bovat                        


 FYI- Comparatively I was treated BETTER by the KGB then the Franklin police in Williamson County Tennessee.

What terrifies me MOST is that I was treated inhumanly in America “ my turf” .   I forgave the Russians years ago for I understood the “culture” and the “political climate” also I was “invading their space” when it comes to Tennessee I was taken to jail “twice” by a warrant “sworn out”  by the man from NISSAN  that I’ve documented harassing me for OVER a year. 

I’m mad and I need to make sure what happened to me does NOT happen to another American.  Also, the holidays have arrived & I have a child and I'm also asking NISSAN if "I'm OK".

Below is from the page from this website:   Clarity at Last


 “There’s a big push to end communism"... "It needs to end fast so Bush doesn’t get the credit”…     “OK”  

A lot of people made attempts to reach out to those on the other side of the curtain.  Many thought preaching the word of Jesus was the message to communicate. My “theory” was to motivate the Russian people with “Bling not bibles” and I hauled a bunch of Cosmopolitan magazines to prove my point.   WOW!!!!!   The reaction was phenomenal.   Young women were taking pages from my magazines and I finally had to communicate to them ONLY ONE PAGE  per person.   I had people surrounding me just for an ad for cover girl lipstick.    

The intourist guide in her 50’s did NOT like me and I believe she’s the one that contacted the KGB. 

In the middle of my 3rd night she and many men entered my hotel room and I was taken by force (kicking and screaming) worse they strapped to a board.  Maybe from my screaming someone came to my room and intourist guide yelled out “She’s sick going to hospital…. (she glared at me ) You have cough”.   They took me away in an ugly van & drove me around for a long time and the men were smoking cigarettes laughing listening to music, I kept screaming “My Country Knows I’m here”, and the music got louder.

I got to an abandon building that could have been a hospital in the past.   They had cats roaming all around.  I was put in a room that had a small very dusty table with some medical supplies but I never saw a doctor or a nurse.  Instead people just kept staring at me sometimes they’d surround me, then they’d leave and & they’d yell.   I kept hearing footsteps.  This kept repeating.  I was NEVER touched.  I feared they’d give me shot and was told before the trip to NEVER have an injection due to dirty needles and Aids.  

The people that were mean to me were all older. At one point I really just wanted them to kill me and get it over with.  Maybe those emotions came from being tired physically.   I did not sleep for 2 days and hearing the yelling and footsteps OVER AND OVER AGAIN terrified me. 

At the same time a few visitors that were younger were kind and they wanted my american belongings . They treated me with respect (while they were looking in my coat pockets)  
they seemed fascinated by me.  They were not angry & hostile like the older men that scared me. 

Looking back the cold war was ending and they "caught" me but the reality was they did not know what to do with me.  Someone needed to stand up for what was "morally" right.

???  If that's what's the problem at NISSAN & Williamson County in reference to "me" can someone make a decision.


NISSAN That's how change/progress/INNOVATION happens 

??? If You're waiting till the end of the fiscal year.   OK just tell me.  

This is Battle of Human Decency is "stale" & it's time to "move on".  

Thank You!!!

:) :) Sharyn



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