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WHY the Volt Will Win

“Every time a bomb drops a Contractor for the Dept. of Defense gets another 6 figure bonus” Sharyn Bovat

President Sarkozy YOU dropped your first bomb Welcome to the “family”….   Sir, PLEASE “drop” Ghosn consider it a “humanitarian mission”.

NISSAN actually has “identified” Another reason WHY the Leaf will not be successful


The Japanese plants that make the Nissan Leaf and its batteries reopened on Thursday, March 24, but it's not known what their capacities will be. The ability to sustain production will depend to a large degree on the frequency of rolling blackouts due to electricity shortages.

My name is Sharyn Bovat and I think it's time the AMERICAN Taxpayers got RESPECT!!!
I sent an email to Carlos Tavares immediately "after" the Renault Penske deal fell apart leaving many auto workers in Tennessee "unemployed".   I knew that the deal was dead because Ghosn got US government money for the Leaf and that FRANCE was having issues with IRAN and Israel was helping to foot part of the bill through an alliance with Better Place.  Shai Agassi is the Silicon Valley front guy but the EV is all Idan Ofer and about securing energy independence for Israel.   The #2 Better Place guy is former Mossad.  I respect ALL people and I want everyone safe in the world so I told Tavares to "simply" distance the Leaf marketing from looking too much like Better Place.  Originally NISSAN was "using the same color blue" and the logo's were too similar.      YES!!!  Basically America was going to help "fund" Frances Foreign policy solution  &  I was "ok" with that because I believe that America needs energy independence. That said:
THEN I learned that NISSAN did not have "current" technology" &  THEN  I learned that Ghosn's friends were personally profiting creating "green" companies with the help of Governor Bredesen and that Tennessee taxpayer money was paying for "start ups" that were "not healthy" also I learned that the battery technology was "outdated" from the 1990's and that "if" the Leaf failed then the OIL companies would not have to worry about another EV attempt for decades.  Because of what viewer have told me I believe Ghosn, Thormann, Morton, Becker, Woodward, Noziere are responsible for the "fraud against America" I would like reporters to investigate.   PLEASE look into the "chargers".  I was "jailed" just to discredit me for "I knew too much".
Israel...  I think you were "frauded too" by Ghosn.    EVERYONE needs "reliable" transportation. 
FYI- Ghosn was "running around the  world "trying" to get a "better battery" before the Leaf went into "mass production".  If the Leaf really sold in large numbers NISSAN would go bankrupt due to the fact they would have to "pay for NEW batteries" since the current ones will derogate too fast.  That is WHY the Leaf has sold  such low number and MANY reservation holders are mad.  The battery has already proved to have problems. In cold weather ONLY the car is getting 50-60 miles per charge NOT hte 100 mpc.  That 's NOT going to EVER be a mainstream car.   American does NOT need a battery plant in Tennessee that will sit "idle"  Tennessee needs "real jobs".
 Below proves that Ghosn was "looking for help to make a better battery "after" he took HARD EARNED AMERICAN  TAXPAYER MONEY!!!!
Renault Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Mr Carlos Ghosn, who is spearheading the electric car initiative. His passion on this subject was evident during a visit to India in end-2009. "We will get into affordable, mass market electric cars and be the first to do so," he told students of IIT, Delhi.
I have "so much" more.....    Below is an "exceprt"  from the "new and improved" release.
I must apologize to Mark Silverman the Tennessean's editor who just got the Ben Bradlee award. Sir,  due to "length" I had to delete your name, Mark next time we have coffee "I'll buy" Also, Mark the embargo is lifted I've started drinking Grey Goose again now that the Renault Three have been "released" :) :)         
Have A Great Week!!!

Also ...The VOLT is "also" attractive....

???  Why did "this" happen.

Just something to "ponder"


By the Way…. I want to lead CSR and Diversity but I’m just going to “voice my opinions”   Leadership can accept them or reject them.  I will RESPECT their decisions.   My goal is to “simply work, enjoy my life and do something POSITIVE for society”.  I accept that countries and governments are jockeying for positions of power…. I GET IT!!!

Respecting ALL leadership is a must once I’m put on a team.  Therefore I WILL NOT publically rant if I do not agree with them. 

My opinions are based on “facts as I see them” and most of them are pretty “accurate”  I want to work in a neutral environment.  I will call a spade a spade.  If leadership decides to “play a different card”  it’s OK.  If I do not agree I will be supportive of the decision the team makes.  

That said:  CSR does the Code of Conduct and the days of “game playing” and the era of “calling people spies just to shut them up” is DONE.   I believe in obeying the laws of the countries and I believe in treating people humanly.    Just “thought” I’d let you know “where” I’m coming from.  YES!!!  I can be a team player.    Now you know the “rules” of the new and I hope “improved” corporate leadership will be accepting.  NISSAN I believe “this” is the ONLY way to create long term success and to create a corporate culture that will breed GLOBAL RESPECT!!!!

Have A Great Weekend & Peace and Respect

Sharyn Bovat


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