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Sharyn for CSR

My Name is Sharyn Bovat.

I want to lead CSR....

??? Why

When reading "data" I ask ???'s

For Example:

NISSAN moved to Tenessee in July 2006 and the drop in "women" in middle management and above took a dramatic "shift" in 2008 to 10%. from 14%.  That's -30%

Very Important... Notice that after the move to Tennessee in 2007 the percentage went from 14% (California #'s) to 13%.  The Shift_ in scooting out the skirts hit when new "global" leadership took over the management of the America's and when the "Failure For Power" plan was implemented.  

When it comes to "other" diversity issues.  I've got a "lot" to say.  Yet, I will not do that on this web site.  FYI... I also want to work in diversity that OK?

The Goal is for NISSAN to succeed.  

Some things that happened at NISSAN North America were NOT right and it would hurt YOUR  reputation in "Blue State" America They're YOUR biggest market and they "buy" cars with their concious.  Image is Everything!!!  

Since I want to work for NISSAN and I want Success in Tennessee I had/have to limit "info" on this web site.   

America for the record NISSAN is NOT the only company in the "South" these problems are "common".     Get It!!!  The Good Ole Boy mentallity is a  cultural problem in the South.

The South might have "risen" a bit in attracting corporations the last decade  but if they don't change their attitude on diveristy & education my "thought"  history has shown us that the South will "fall"  again.  

At NISSAN North America I knew the truth, acted ethically, and told leadership of problems.  The Good Ole Boy HR  Network then  terrorized me.  Yet, I'm tough.   
It's been a long time and my "thought"  Time For Change!!!!

Have A Great Day!!!                  Sharyn
Love Cars~Love People~Love the Planet


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