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“Some of the worst mistakes of my life have been haircuts.” Jim Morrison


President Obama; Let those unjustly jailed women in Mississippi out. 
The Scott sisters deserve to be out of jail before they die.  Sir, please “take care of your own”.    You just gave a bunch of white rich people a great Christmas present with the extension of the Bush tax cuts so NOW show the black community you care. It's the HOLIDAYS!!! If YOU want to "keep YOUR day job in 2012"  It’s IMPORTANT!!!   The black community feels a "little neglected" right now.   Sir, s
peaking of pardons: 

Jim Morrison Pardoned by Florida Governor Charlie Crist

…” he is certain that the case was nothing more than an attempt to silence one of the voices of the time period. Florida was well known for being highly conservative during the 1960’s and 1970’s and there were a lot of arrests and convictions during those days that should never have been made.”……..


A LONG time ago I wrote on this blog that Mr. Steele the RNC Chairman was a “prop”.  OMG!!!!  He’s an embarrassment.  

It’s sad but I really believe that the RNC set up a black guy to “fail” in the party’s leadership.  I have my reasons. Has anyone read about costly RNC “expense reports” from a lesbian bondage club (Personally I believe money donated to the RNC by its hard working members should be spent at “Grade A” steak houses with great crème brulee JJ)     

Oddly Chairman Steele supports the Tea Party and many of them are NOT welcoming of “minorities”…. or women in leather  ???  Why.

YES!!!  ONE MORE TIME… I know that Not all TEA PARTY members are racist.  

Yet the undertones of racism exist with many in the Tea Party.  Think about the masses waiting for hours (ALL white) in line at Costco for Sarah Palin.   Look back at all the signs with racist “undertones” from the Team Party rallies that have been shown on the internet.  

“I like people who shake other people up and make them feel uncomfortable.” Jim Morrison

On Friday night I talked to a very nice young family that arrived at Starbucks in a Lexus.  The husband was wearing a Palin button and I started a conversation.  They are hard working and had a gorgeous baby. 

They LOVE Sarah Palin & they LOVE her TV show…..  (I’ve got an idea for Mark Burnett tomorrowJ J ) The man at Starbucks served in the military in Iraq and was shot.  He told me that did not understand WHY we were in Iraq; he was brave and did his job.  I thanked him for serving America.  

We talked more & he wants something “different” then Bush pro business policies and blames the economy on ALL of Washington DC.

 He was VERY clear that did NOT like President Obama & said he’d PREFER Bush back than another term of Obama.    I tried but did not get an answer on WHY….. My thought “stealth racism”.   It’s EVERYWHERE in the south.

“I like any reaction I can get with my music. Just anything to get people to think. I mean if you can get a whole room full of drunk, stoned people to actually wake up and think, you're doing something.” Jim Morrison

The young family man supported the republicans on their strong stand on the tax bill.  I then asked:

???  What if the choice was this:  To keep the Bush tax credit for those making OVER 500K ONLY if unemployment could NOT be extended & people would suffer.

Adding:  The Banks got “bailouts” when the financial crisis started.  Many making OVER 500k a year benefited from those bailouts.   Bankers are getting BIG bonuses today and still many Americans are out of work.  If the ONLY way NOT to increase the debt is to choose

??? What would you do? 

???  Do you want a bigger national debt?

??? Is it fair some Americans are hungry and could be homeless while millionaires get "an extension" on tax breaks (this in NOT an increase) for the "tax break" had limitations when it was drafted..... GET IT!!!!  Most AMERICA does NOT!!!

???   What would you do… extend unemployment insurance or give those making over 500k an "extension" on a tax break.

 OK…..  When given a “clear cut” option he would want unemployment to continue. This man was “open minded” to my argument still people at Starbucks started to stare so I decided to “tone down” and retreat from the conversation.     He defended the republicans.  

Also, I told him my “theory” about the W stickers in the south…That was an interesting reaction (please read “education is the answer”.)  

AMERICA is divided “racially” and our county does NOT need a sequel to the LA Riots.   Still I sense a storm is brewing and if this issue is NOT addressed America could find a new type of “civil war” RESPECT for ALL People needs to be implemented EVERYWHERE.    During the conversation at Starbucks the man did say he “knew Sarah Palin would be trounced” if she ran for president.   This man represents the next generation and is hard working and he’s looking for a candidate that will make change.

This man was young when Clinton was president but said he thought he was a “good president”.   Huh…..  Then added a “dig” at President Clinton saying “Sarah Palin represents “family values”….  

Bitchy Bovat “thought” I bet their little girl is gonna start “dance lessons”    …..     
For the record it was a lovely couple and I told them about my blog, if you’re reading HELLO!!!!    Thank you once again for ALL you’ve done for our country….You're “solid” republican voters and I get it!!!   Thank you for being so kind and talking to me.  


“I'm interested in anything about revolt, disorder, chaos, especially activity that appears to have no meaning. It seems to me to be the road toward freedom.”  Jim Morrison


To the Point:

Republican tea party candidates for RNC chair are  NOT welcoming of “RINO’s” People like me that are fiscally conservative/social moderates who vote their conscience are also called  “swing voters” and “usually” we vote for the “winning” candidate for we (about 20% of America) determine which party gets votes “outside the base”.  

Most RINO's & DINO's are knowledgeable & VOTE knowing the government “exists” for a reason and I’ve talked to RINO’s and DINO’s & “we get it!!”   We know that the new tax plan is “crap” but we accept that it had to be done.   

FYI:  RINO’s understand that extending unemployment insurance that the president insisted upon was IMPORTANT and he will be rewarded for “making that happen” and we believe that those making OVER 500k a year should pay MORE taxes to “offset a BIGGER national debt”  

RINO’s and DINO’s (swing voters) are “educated” and we know that by NOT increasing taxes on the “wealthy” and by continuing to support those American’s that are out of work then the NATIONAL DEBT will GO UP!!!!  

RINO’s DINO’s understand that for job creation the government MUST intervene.   We believe that “good” government programs need to be created (like “clean” energy, including nuclear power...sorry renewable purist) and we want healthcare available to ALL Americans. Many RINO’s fear the Tea Party “newbie’s” in congress will slash the federal budget for spending needed to “stimulate the economy”.

Those RINO’s that “truly” understand the DREAM ACT want it.   YET, it was used as a “tool” to oust too many members of congress and it was NOT marketed properly and most Americans “don’t get it”.

“If” America continues to be led by those in congress that ALWAYS say NO “unless it’s an earmark for their district” America will not rebound from this recession before 2012.  

When middle class people get a “tax break” they spend it.  Those making OVER 500k do not filter the money back into the system.

We need tax incentives for those buying/remodeling homes, buying new cars (ALL cars if they are electric/planet healthy…..and ALSO cars that get over 30mpg IF they are built in AMERICA …. YES!!!  I know that “if” I get the CSR job that idea/concept for American job creation will change.   Lets say this rule was "inspired" by President Sarkozy & the Clio.  Globalizatin is VERY important but elected "leaders" need to protect their own.
It's their job.  

Also, incentives for education (to keep America competitive and I would pull ‘extra’ federal funding from school districts that do not “integrate” and have gerrymandered districts.   The role of the congress is to “get America moving….in a GOOD direction”.   Scared to use the word Right or Forward
J J  

That means Getting Americans to WORK!!!   Jobs are created by “consumerism”.


???  How many upper middle class people have “cut back on their cleaning lady” that is why the threshold needs to be 500k….NOT 250k especially in “big” cities? 
Wives of Wall Street Executives Do NOT Vacuum.   It’s important for congress to RESPECT that.

RNC “if” YOU elect a party leader or a nominee that’s NOT welcoming to people that are “mainstream” in YOUR party then you “lose”.  The democrats might want you to elect a “right wing nut” as RNC chair but if that happens then America loses for they will create “roadblocks” for success in America that could happen TODAY.

RNC leadership needs to be someone that “understands the system.

That Wagner lady scares me.    ???  Have you heard he comments on socialism?  The guy from Wisconsin scares me because he’s a “puppet” to the H Barbour(s).  We as a country need to end Racism in America.   

Personally I think that Jeb Bush should be the RNC leader. I know my vote does NOT count but thought I’d give my 2 cents on this:

Jeb Bush (who's wife is from Mexico) has been “vetted” and even though I “thought” in Florida Charlie Crist was the most reasonable candidate in reference to the environment and economic issues Mr. Rubio (Senator Elect) did NOT offend me.   In fact Rubio can become a role model for the “next generation” Giving Michael Steele credit for a great quote:

…… Steele said. "We're very excited about what he brings to the table, not only his Hispanic heritage but his political acumen and ability to reach out to people and relate to them. That's the kind of candidates we've been longing for."

If President Obama wanted to “reach out” to Florida and the “middle” mainstream America he should give Charlie Crist a leadership position...  Most Americans that read the NY Times or other publications know that he “lost” because he reached out and worked with democrats.   YES!!! He’s too conservative socially!!!  Still he should be given a “high profile job” President Obama it makes YOU look “big tent”.

“A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself.” Jim Morrison

Crist was bashed because he supported “middle of the road policies”   Crist lost because he lacked a political “machine” to back him.   

President Obama to look “reasonable” employ him. YOU be the 1st to "reach out" to the RINO's and DINO's.   
From Wiki…..On other issues, Crist differs from other Republicans, particularly on environmental policy, an important issue in Florida. He announced plans to sign executive orders to impose strict air pollution standards in the state, with aims to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent of the 1990 levels, by 2050….

Crist who “socially” is a little to conservative for this skirt has shown he LOVES the planet and he recently did something that put him on my top 20 list for politicians that I admire:

He pardoned Jim Morrison:   President Obama YOUR turn (Free the Scott Sisters).

Have A Great Day!!!!    Sharyn Bovat

Love Life~Love People~Love"Reasonable"Thinking 

Jim Morrison Pardoned by Florida Governor Charlie Crist

  Written by Michelle Smith on Saturday, December 11, 2010


Some 39 years after the fact, Jim Morrison has finally received a pardon for a crime he allegedly committed during a 1969 Door’s concert. The famed front-man was charged and convicted of indecent exposure, a charge that he was appealing when he was found dead in a Paris bathtub in 1974. However, the movement to see him cleared has been ongoing and today it was announced that he will be officially cleared of the crime.

Supporters of the late music legend have sustained the notion that the exposure never happened. When outgoing Florida governor Charlie Crist started reviewing the case for a possible pardon he was surprised at how sneaky and underhanded the prosecution and courts had been at the time.

There was no evidence that linked Morrison to the incident and just one eye witness that would eventually recant her testimony before the trial ever began. Yet the court ruled that he was guilty and sentenced him to six months in jail. He would never serve the sentence as he was freed to appeal the conviction.

Crist has said that he is certain that the case was nothing more than an attempt to silence one of the voices of the time period. Florida was well known for being highly conservative during the 1960’s and 1970’s and there were a lot of arrests and convictions during those days that should never have been made.

The remaining members of the Doors have said that they are very pleased with the pardon.




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