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Bottom Line

It's ALL about Money and POWER (two kinds).

There's a reason why BIG PICTURE thinkers are feared. 
Political Types...I Get It in reference to political deals, trust me. 

This is "twisted" and as long as the country can have SUCCESS NOW...Fine.  It looks like Tennessee/Virginia/Mississippi will get green jobs.
   Too bad most of the population in Mississippi isn't bright enough to perform those jobs.  Education Matters.

Boys,Somebody has to look out for "Average" America.  

What does this "skirt" want;
I'm tired of any type of racism in America and that won't change until people like Haley Barbour are out of office.

Please just let me work and enjoy MY life....

Someone END THIS!!!

Sharyn 615-415-6675

McAuliffe Pursues a New Shade of Green
With MyCar Project
Bloomberg  October 7, 2010 By Lisa Lerer and Liza Lin

Photographers and tourists swarmed former President Bill Clinton as he admired a Day-Glo orange electric car, barely bigger than a golf cart, parked in Times Square. As cameras flashed, best pal Terry McAuliffe gave Clinton a personal tour of his latest project, proudly describing the tiny car’s features as if it were a new baby.

State Incentives

McAuliffe then secured from Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour a package of state incentives to build a 400,000-square- foot facility in Tunica, Mississippi. Barbour, the former head of the Republican National Committee, is a longtime McAuliffe associate and former Washington lobbyist.

GreenTech plans to buy parts abroad and assemble the cars in the U.S., creating around 5,000 jobs in economically depressed areas. Besides Mississippi, McAuliffe is looking at sites in Tennessee and Virginia and says he will go to the state offering the best tax breaks and other benefits.

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