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Recently a former Nissan employee compared Mubarak to Ghosn. If you read my “voices from Nissan page”  or pages about Jed Connelly or Jim Morton you’ll see the similarities.   Both Mubarak and Ghosn “oppressed” people.  YES!!! Technically Ghosn did not physically harm people BUT he did “kill” a lot of careers of hardworking intelligent people.    I told that person

”Soon Ghosn will dramatically ‘differ’ from Mubarak.   Ghosn won’t have access to hidden cost centers.”

"If" needed I’m gonna play connect the dots…   I just don't get it!!!

???  Why is NISSAN letting my blog/website continue it makes NO sense.  

???  Why is Thormann still at Renault.    OMG!!!  Something MUST be going on…..

???  Are the “hostages” OK.  I have NOT seen an update on the Renault Spy story. 

???  How are the Renault Three doing.   UPDATE PLEASE!!!    

???  Do I need to “get tough” check out tomorrow

Get This!!!  Got a call from a former friend.  We were talking about men we dated and friends we had that were connected to Nazi Gold.  Don’t worry I won’t name names. 

In the beginning in 2009 I sent Mr. Tavares a texted email saying I would not disclose things about people’s personal lives.   Some good members of congress have been forced to make certain “votes” because of indiscretions in their personal lives.  The hawks basically threatened to disclose their bad acts “if” they were NOT team players. OUCH!!!        

FYI-I don’t want to mimic that Good Ole Boy Hawkish tactic so I have been “refrained” from contacting any member of congress that I’ve “partied with" in the past.   Instead I’m going to start reaching out to members of congress that I ADMIRE. 

Senators Feinstein & Mc Cain Your on my “to do” list.  

Back to Nazi Gold

YES!!!  Many people live good lives in countries like Switzerland and Argentina.  Some play
 “polo” … it cost a LOT of money to haul horses back and forth between continents.      Both my friend and I feel the same about money taken form holocaust victims should NOT continue to fund extravagant life styles.  After all that money was violently pillaged from people that were hardworking valued members of the society.  

My grandfather speculated to me that the “issues” Hitler had with the Jews were “tweaked”.  Hitler and his people REALLY wanted them gone mainly for their assets CASH!!!  

Remember!!!  Papa did work for Navel Intelligence and then moved to Monterey to work for the government in a “civil” role.  My Grandfather was a “triple dipper”.  The government respected his opinions.  

Yes!!!   Just like “most” conflicts America gets into “it’s ALL about the “greenback”.    We don’t seem to worry too much about “oppressed” people from NON oil producing nations.   Sorry Somalia!!!   My grandfather NEVER profited from any unjust acts.  He was a true humanitarian. One that "knew too much".  He taught me to tell the truth and to see the BIG picute clearly.

I “think” the Pro Nazi sympathizers used “religion” as a tool to get the “poor and less educated” on board with creating an era of hatred toward education wealthy people that were “different”.   

What Hitler did was DISGUSTING & today people still live off the “fruits of Hitler’s labor”

for example ......lobbyist make money

OK….Remeber it's been on this blog that   Hitler was Henry Barbour’s “strategic idol”.  He told me this in Houston in 1992.  WOW!!!  Now I get why he said that.  ???  Maybe I heard YOU wrong Mr. Barbour.   Please call me if i'm wrong 615-415-6675. 

Did you know that he said that Haley Barbour.  ???  Maybe Iowa will ask you.   

Memory- Years ago I told a member of Congress that accused me for being Pro Israel:
Sir, I’m Pro Humanity.

I’ve been to Germany and the people there are educated.  They NEVER want a holocaust to EVER happen again.  I have true RESPECT for the German’s and their foreign policy actions after WW 2.  I believe that there are more Nazi sympathizers living in “the America’s” than in Germany today.   It’s sad.

Remember “this” undercover airhead danced with a marine in Central America in a disco in that was decorated with swastikas.   I’ve also been to parties with State Dept. Officials that were hosted by Lebanese “journalists”.   When it comes to WHY were in Iraq…  I get it!!! 

I think what’s happening in Wisconsin could backfire on the Republicans.  The middle class workers did agree to the pay cuts and demands.  All they want is collective bargaining & the Bush tax rates for the WEALTHY remain.  Let’s just say the “tide” is changing and as of NOW the republicans look good and maybe it’s time to say DONE.    Milton Wisconsin….TRUST ME!!!  I think it’s time to take YOUR victory.    Gillespie and Rove LET’s form an Alliance.  I’m tired of living in Tennessee they people here treat me like I’m CUBA.  OMG!!! I’ve spent YEARS working for the “Greater Good”.

Side Trip

I’ve been ALL over Switzerland and I love that county. It’s truly beautiful.   One day I took a for “me” day and wanted to visit the Matterhorn.  That’s what we Disney fans call it in California.  After 3 trains and two avalanches later I made it to the base at Zermatt.   It was too cloudy. I bought this poster and went to a warm and cozy café.  Had racelett. (Melted cheese…real good) and some Boudreaux.   Before the check came horns blew and an announcement was made that another avalanche was happening.  One more train would be departing in an hour and “if” you wanted to leave town that day YOU must be on that train.   It was so “efficient”.  That night in Geneva I commented on the amazing infrastructure in Switzerland.  One businessman told me the streets were "paved with gold".    OUCH!!!

Back to my point:

In 1992 Henry Barbour told me that “Hitler was not ALL bad”.

I told my grandfather about Henry’s comments.  That’s when the “dots” for me were connected to the DLI in Monterey and America’s Pro Arab responses.  It’s complicated.   For the record I respect the Arab culture and I like the people of those nations.       

A LONG time ago I posted my “thoughts” on the Good Ole Boy mindset:

When I learned from a viewer of my blog that Ghosn was connected to Haley Barbour then I got info about deals done with Jim Morton Ghosn’s “right hand man”  I knew that what I heard at Nissan North America that the electric car would be a “failed” Obama program was true.   Now I’ve “proven” my point about the “outdated” technology.  NOW!!!  Current Nissan employees are communicating to members of “my team” that the Leaf’s battery “has issues”.  I know that Mr. Tavares is working to fix them.  I know that they have “two” of many positions within Nissan.  Some working for Ghosn’s team and some with Team Tavares.  NISSAN I’m a “fiscal conservative” and YOU’RE getting American taxpayer money.

Look at article in the Daily caller....

When I was attending the RNC debate the Daily Caller was the co sponsor. 

They’re a respected publication for Fiscal Conservatives.    Now the other co sponsor pissed off this RINO.  Hello Susan B Anthony people YOUR organization needs to “simmer” it’s a bad economy and your views distract from the message. GET IT!!!   “if” the Tea Party wants CREDIBILTY they should call me.   We’ll actually I‘ve already heard from one of their members…!!!     Read on:

''I want people in Minnesota armed and dangerous on this issue of the energy tax because we need to fight back.” Michele Bachmann 


''Not all cultures are equal.''  Michelle Bachmann

Recently a Tea Party member in Pennsylvania talked to me for over an HOUR.  I was told that “if” I could keep quiet about social views they would support me and my “fight for human decency”   He said I was “just” as inspiring as (get this!!!)   Sarah Palin.     After my conversation I realized that I could be a “value” to the RNC.   They need a “new direction”.   Reince Priebus scares me BUT I hear that he’s doing a good job.  He’s “getting it”.   My  new “thought” for 2012 is a ticket of two P’s.    Neither “P” is for Palin.  I think a viable ticket is:

Pawlenty~ Pataki

Pawlenty is the Voice of the Taxpayer & Pataki can be the voice of Energy Independence.  

Obama can “easily” win if the Republicans keep this “tough” position on Unions.

My next “thought” is on Gender Oppression in America and I believe that WOMEN in America want more and what Michelle Bachmann in Minnesota is preaching is SCAREY.  She could be the catalyst to get women BACK to Obama.  Red State America is “waking up” to the positives of Hillary Clinton.  She has handled the Middle East issues well.  People that “used” to trash talk her and NOW treating her with RESPECT.  That makes me happy.    

FYI- someone asked me WHY I want to go back to work.  My response “I need to have something to focus on” my mind was blocked and when it opened while I was battling NISSAN HR  in spring 2009.  Remember:  I was ONLY asking for my references returned and training AFTER they fired me for whistle blowing. 

 Mark Stout    ???  Maybe YOU should have my calls.  It would have taken minutes to have treated me with RESPECT.   I bet Haley Barbour is taking YOU off his Christmas card list.

NISSAN Humanity Matters!!!!

I’m tired of reliving the past, the longer this continues the more information I get and then I’ll keep dwelling on the past.  It’s time to move forward”

If someone has pictures of me attending pampered chef’s parties, doing crafts or scrapbooking while participating in women’s clubs in Williamson County can you please send them to me  ….  People from my “past” life can’t believe I ever did that.  

That’s it for today…  Gotta go work on my NEXT press release.

Huh…..  ???  What should I write about.  Maybe FREEDOM!!!

I have viewers from Yemon, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Malta, Bahrain, Saudi, Iraq, Pakistan, Algeria, Israel, China, Venizuela, Argenitina, and So many more!!!

The county that “used” to have issue’s that Thanks to Ronald Reagan has had FREEDOM for almost 20 years.   

In honor of that meet my new man:

He's Russian & I think he’s “cute”.

Have A Great Day!!!

Peace and Respect



Barbour's K Street problem

By ANDY BARR | 2/14/11 2:47 PM EST Updated: 2/14/11 4:45 PM EST

………And if Barbour were to run for president, it’s not just his lobbyist past that would come under scrutiny. His inner circle and shadow campaign organization are full of current and former lobbyists — including BGR’s Ed Rogers and Lanny Griffin.

In addition to the BGR crowd, Barbour’s family and Yazoo City network could be vulnerable to charges of influence peddlling.

Henry Barbour, the governor’s nephew and a rising national powerbroker in his own right, collected nearly $750,000 in lobbying fees in 2009 working for the Jackson-based lobbying firm Capitol Resources — located only a block from the governor’s mansion.

The issue of Barbour’s lobbying activities came under scrutiny on "Fox News Sunday," when he was asked about BGR’s work for Kazakhstan.

Barbour responded by pointing out that he wasn’t at the firm and couldn't be responsible for what BGR did for clients while he was governor. He pointed out that during his time there, he lobbied for Switzerland and Macedonia.

Barbour did indeed lobby for Switzerland, but it was for representation during congressional investigations into Nazi gold seized during the Holocaust. BGR was paid $160,000 by the Swiss government.

Read more:


Durban Review Conference

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The Durban Review Conference is the official name of the 2009 United Nations World Conference Against Racism (WCAR), also known as Durban II. The conference ran from Monday 20 April to Friday 24 April 2009, and took place at the United Nations Office in Geneva, Switzerland.[1] The conference was called under the mandate of United Nations General Assembly resolution 61/149 (passed in 2006) with a mandate to review the implementation of the The Durban Declaration and Programme of Action from the 2001 World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance which took place in Durban, South Africa.

The conference was boycotted by Australia, Canada, Germany, Israel, Italy, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, and the United States. The Czech Republic discontinued its attendance on the first day, and twenty-three other European Union countries sent low-level delegations. The western countries had expressed concerns that the conference would be used to promote anti-Semitism and laws against blasphemy perceived as contrary to the principles of free speech,[2][3][4][5][6] and that the conference would not deal with discrimination against homosexuals.[7] European countries also criticized the meeting for focusing on the West and ignoring problems of racism and intolerance in the developing world.

Controversy surrounded the attendance of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at the conference due to his past statements on Israel and the Holocaust. On the first day of the conference, Ahmadinejad, the only head of state to attend, made a speech condemning Israel as "totally racist"[8] and accusing the West of using the Holocaust as a "pretext" for aggression against Palestinians.[9] The distributed English version of the speech referred to the Holocaust as an "ambiguous and dubious question". When Ahmadinejad began to speak about Israel, all the European Union delegates left the conference room, while a number of the remaining delegates applauded the Iranian President.[10] UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon expressed dismay at both the boycotts and the speech.[11]

Durban III, a follow-up conference scheduled for September 2011 in New York, has been boycotted by Canada and Israel.


Renault :  World War II, arrest and death

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In 1938, Renault had visited Hitler[2] By 1939 he had become an important supplier for the French army. At the time Hitler's Wehrmacht invaded France in 1940, Louis Renault was in the U.S., sent by his government to ask for tanks. He returned to find the Franco-German armistice in place".[9] Among Renault's choices, he could cooperate with the Germans to possibly forestall them from moving his factory and equipment to Germany, whereby he could be accused of collaboration with the enemy. Or he could refuse to cooperate the Germans and see his factory and equipment sent to Germany.[10] He put his factories at the service of Vichy and the Nazis.[2] Over a period of four years, Renault manufactured 34,232 vehicles for the Germans.[2] Renault argued that "by staying in operation he had saved thousands of workers from being transported to Germany."[2]

During the Nazi occupation of France, the company was under the control of the Germans,[8] with people from Daimler-Benz in key positions. Renault himself became unpopular among members of the French resistance. In March 1942, the Renault factories on Île Seguin had become top priority targets of the British and allied bombers of the Royal Air Force — and ultimately were destroyed. Renault's health issues worsened, including his severely diminished renal function, and in 1942, he suffered aphasia, unable to speak or write.

Three weeks after France was liberated in 1944, Renault surrendered "on condition that he would not be jailed until indicted."[2] He was arrested under charges of industrial collaboration with Nazi Germany[8] outside Paris on September 22, 1944. At the time of his arrest, Renault "denied that his firm had received $120,000,000 from the Germans for war materials, said that he had kept his huge, much-bombed plant going at the request of Vichy to keep its materials and equipment out of Nazi hands and to save workers from deportation."[11] He was incarcerated in Paris' Fresnes Prison[11] — at the time, already seriously ill. The records for the exact period of his incarceration at Fresnes would later turn up missing.[12] Renault was moved on October 5th[12] to a psychiatric hospital at Ville-Evrard à Neuilly-sur-Marne.[2]

When Renault's health quickly declined on October 9th, 1944 he was again moved to a private nursing home at the clinic Saint-Jean-de-Dieuhe in the Rue Oudinot, Paris[9] at the request of his family and supporters, having gone into a coma.[7] He died on October 24, 1944, four weeks after his incarceration, awaiting trial, having claimed to have been mistreated in Fresnes Prison, his 1918 French Legion of Honor — for exceptional contribution to the victory of the First World War — having been expunged by the Vichy.[13]

An autopsy wasn't performed at the time of his death, and the exact cause of Louis Renault's death remains unclear. An official report at the time gave his cause of death was given as uremia.[9]

Louis Renault is inhumed at his country home Chateau Herqueville, in Herqueville dans l'Eure.

See: Louis Renault's burial tomb

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