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? Is Westhaven Chinatown


Our first episode is “How to Railroad a Whistleblower”

???  Think of the “Great” Publicity for Tennessee, the state can showcase the “quality” of life of those “newbie’s” that moved here.

Hum…   I need to lose a few lbs before taping.   Too bad I’m not a Williamson County school administrator; they get “lots” of goodies.  Like great deals on liposuction, right Mr. Heath, Sir, if I’m wrong about the “lipo” call me 615-415-6675, I did get 3 sources. 

Sir, I’m tempted to find the tube that sucked the fat out of your ass.  Instead I’ll settle for before and after photos and they’ll be in my book.  

You should be making deals for the children and NOT for you.  Sir, I know divorces can be stressful.  Still you have to do your job with “integrity” again YOU work for the children.  Even the black, yellow & brown ones, they are human.  Please try to remember that. 

The other “thought” to get “exposure” for my fight for freedom is a movie.   It could be a modern day "real life" version of the Oscar winning Chinatown, we’ll call it Westhaven. 


???  Is this a 
“touchy topic”  

???  M

Sir, Don’t worry I’m not going  there.    
Trust Me…. I respect you and I do not want to go back to jail. 

My belief is an innocent person going 3 times is already 3 times too much.  Especially when it's ME.    Mayor I need you on board with change.   PLEASE!!!!

FYI- Last spring I was given “tips” on Good Ole Boy contracts on the new 38 million dollar community facility.  I did NOT do any research.  My battle was with NISSAN and not the community.  

The WCS rezoning was just a “side show”, one that had a second season last month. Here’s the final tally on that:

3 board members are perceived “corrupt”, 5 board members are “sheep” and 4 board members are “sincere stewards”.     

I will NOT give out names since their actions are “typical” in a southern Good Ole Boy culture/society and I hope some change.   I've read it's WORSE in Mississippi.  

I'm sad about the recent rezoning (please notice that "2" of my "sincere stewards" on the school board voted for the socially destructive plan, my opinions were based on MANY factors) obviously from the vote the mindset is still “limited” in reference to diversity in Tennessee. 

WCS, I heard about what some of you termed “white flight” the exodus of residents from Davidson County that created the “racist climate” in Williamson County.  The community is driven by fear of those that are “different” I get it, I think it’s pathetic.

People have shared with me issues of planning commissioners being placed to protect “assets”, preaching from the pulpit to get “certain people” elected and WHY the FSSD truly exist.    It goes on and on.  

Again, my battle is NOT with the community.   I have issues with the quality of education & I will be requesting a meeting with Mr. Looney the school board leader who I believe is “doing his best”.    My child received perfect report cards for 2 years ….then I was told she was a year behind. 

I learned the teachers are not at fault and neither is the leadership at her school.   They tried to pin the blame on me & I’m mad. 
Doing research I learned the root of the problem is from the county administration and their directives to the school.  The lack or appropriate materials is also an issue. I hope the school is sincere in wanting to help my child and others like her that were abused academically by the system.  
FYI- Some "odd" things have happened to her that I've documented, cc'd to Mr. Tavares & sent to legal.

??? Maybe instead of worrying about “getting a good deal on lipo” someone should have paid attention to the quality of education. 

???  The day after I appeared on some local news stations about the problems with diversity and the school rezoning another arrest warrant "that did NOT exist" was put in the system.  The next day an officer tried to locate me to arrest me a 4th time.  I had to get a lawyer to intervine so I would NOT go to jail a 4th time. That warrant was not real & It turned out to be a "mistake".   I've been harassed by the county.   The stress is horrible.  YES!!! I'm bold by showing problems still falsely arresting someone is not legal, at least in America. 

???  Why did that happen.    I guess I showed that the emperor had NO new clothes.    It's truly terrifying!!!
Tennessee in reference to education “you get what you pay for”.

Your 48th for a reason…..

Recently a man told me he had a gifted son  and asked which school district he should move to.  I told him to move to Minnesota. 

That said;

If Tennessee wants to recruit companies to move here they need to be "open minded" to different races and cultures and show respect by offering basic "human decency" to all people.

FYI- Some Good Ole Boys that have made “big cash” have been generous to real charities and for that I’m grateful.  Please just CHANGE your mindset It’s time.


If you read the NISSAN Global Website they’ve just posted the “Global Code of Conduct”.    My “thought” what happened to the Nissan shareholders might not happen again.  

???  Maybe they realize someone drank too many beers at a hoedown and it’s time for sound/ethical business practices.   


It looks like Tokyo and Paris listened to the Girl in the Black Honda J J

Have A Great Day!!!     Sharyn
Love People~ Love Life~Love Freedom

Tennessee Newbies who lost the rezoning battle whose children are being shifted again to another school....It's not fair and "i get it" Yet, it's difficult to stop a moving train and I heard years ago it was ALL happening.  Life goes on.   One of my viewers said "God will provide justice".    So on that note: 

Sharyn Bovat is done with school issues, until I write my book, huh
???  Maybe that's Gods plan  :) :)

Final words, WCS depressed parents please make the best of it & take a quote from this Hollywood classic.    All the drama occured for Good Ole Boy greed and simply;
"It's just Westhaven".


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