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I'm starting to republish pages that were taken down and adding comments on WHY I wrote that page.
After my blog started was told that "my thoughts" were read by decision makers...some downloaded my blog post, had them translated & read them on planes. 

I told Mr. Tavares I would blog UNTIL he told me to take it down & some days I just "ranted" about NISSAN marketing, quality, customer service, cars & trucks.

Below is from 2009


In reference to those” BIG Fancy Trucks” Let American Car Companies make them.

Nissan focus on “attractive” cars,  luxury and fuel efficiency starter.

Make those affordable trucks, like the Frontier with that good engine.

Years ago there was an organization called the BIA (the Building Industry Association).    They didn’t have the best image for a variety of reasons and to sound a bit more “warm and fuzzy” they became the American Homebuilders Association.  

Most of the successful members of the association were builders and contractors that support the LUXURY truck market.  They are very wealthy and I learned that they instinctively buy “American” because “Image is everything”.    Many of them use(d) labor from Mexico and some people complained and well when they show up to public hearings or planning commission sessions they need an American Truck    I will let you know that many of  their wives drive German luxury cars and in their garages they have a sporty 2 seaters (most likely from Italy).    Getting them to switch to a “luxury” Japanese truck will be tough.  They as a profession rely on government agencies for help in getting projects approved.

That said it will be easier to convince their wives to switch to an Infiniti, or maybe that ‘fancy two seater in the garage could become an Essence/GTR….. “Get it” ...   This is just a “thought” one that might save you  some money.

Have A Great Day!!!!              Sharyn

Love Cars~Love People~Love the Planet

Big 3 are still kings of full-size pickups, have 91% of market

Posted: Dec 29, 2009

Despite the fact that Detroit automakers are moving their focus towards compact, fuel-efficient cars, and away from
full-size pickups, the segment still makes up more than 20 percent of sales by the Big 3 and could play a big role in helping Detroit recover in 2010.

According to data from Autodata Corp, through the first 11 months of 2009, full-size pickup sales have been down 31.2 percent while the overall industry declined 23.9 percent. Nonetheless, Detroit automakers sold 91 percent of all full-size pickups during the period.

Dealers and manufacturers are hoping for a rebound next year as foreign automakers, with models like the Toyota Tundra and Nissan Titan, have failed at stealing significant market share from Detroit’s Big 3.

- By: Stephen Calogera

Source: Free Press



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