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TN = Good Ole Boy State

Mr. Ghosn,

Sir, I know your friends w/Bill and Hillary Clinton, still you played ball with the right wing Republican extremist that profited from 2 wars for oil.  Your right wing friends from Michelin made money with the help of the Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour & some of the money was earmarked for Hurricane Katrina victims.

Now I’m learning that an  AT&T executive gave to the same political causes as Jim Morton did. & was told I should look into the deal Tennessee did with NISSAN in reference to the use of the Bellsouth Building.  It was suggested that the State of Tennessee do an “audit” of all money given to NISSAN.  Hardworking Tennessee taxpayers are NOT happy & because of  their anger I get more data.   Sir, I DON'T want more data.   I already "know too much".  I'm terrified about all the allegations and want this to stop.

My “thought” if this continues Tennessee might no longer be “thought” of as the Volunteer State but will be known to the world as the “Good Ole Boy State”.

My name is Sharyn Bovat I’m fighting for the American taxpayer but I’m “smart” enough to know that if this battle of human decency continues Tennessee will lose and that would make me sad.     A LOT of good people live in Tennessee and they deserve transparency in government.   

What happened to me for speaking up against a Good Ole Boy network so entrenched in the government in Tennessee is scary.

This Skirt is Speaking!!!!!      
“Thought” GM dodged a bullet.

Have A Great Day!!!        Sharyn

Love Cars~Love People~Love the Planet

This is a “wonderful” coincidence one of my viewers pointed out that the father of the “Z” and I share the same language.    ???  Maybe it was his words in the 70’s and 80’s that inspired me today. I say Thank You!!!

Also,  "Yutaka Katayama is well known for his "Love cars, love people, love life!" remark."

???  Mr. Becker You know Gregg  Morton,maybe you can tell me if the concerned taxpayers have a “VALID” point on wanting an audit.

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