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Al Gore & Fisker Too

Sent: Sat, Oct 22, 2011 2:57 pm
Subject: Nissan Whistleblower told Fisker will go Bankrupt ...Same scam as Telsa (1st bankruptcy)..... Sharyn Bovat connected to Fisker & Solyndra.... Bovat's Arrests Likely Linked Green FRAUD & the White House

The total cost of the American involvement in Libya was 1.1 Billion and that INCLUDES humanitarian aid.  NISSAN took a DOE loan via the Treasury Bank for 1.4 Billion. I've been told that 300+ million is pocketed/poorly spent.   I've blogged that fact & that NISSAN can't repay the loan if the Leaf is not a success. NISSAN needs to show America how they spend the money.... America needs to do an audit!!!


".... I was a consultant prince Fahad al Attiya of Qatar ..... He is a world famous car rally driver .... WHO LOVE GIMMICKS..... EVs fit that category like a glove...They (people in the Middle East) are also fiendishly greedy so they will pile-in with ....(people) like Al Gore on any quick in-and-out financial play where their name and kudos brings in the pigeons and patsies, the stock prices rises plenty, they sell out and pocket big dosh profits, and the stock price crashes to nothing......"

"This is the Tesla story by the way. It was Saudi and UAE princes who piled in with Peter Thiel & Co, the piled out with him....."

NISSAN Whistleblower's IP addresses shows that FISKER Automotive another 1/2 Billion dollar DOE recipient that 98% WILL go bankrupt according to auto analyst from 3 continents 


Fisker like Solyndra read Bovat's blog....along with people at the White House.  Fisker suppliers in Irvine, Watertown, Oslo & Anaheim read the blog. Along with people that profit from the soliciting of DOE funds.  

NOW Bovat's been told there's "probable cause" that Bovat was "railroaded" in Tennessee by
NISSAN executives connected to Carlos Ghosn and the White House could have "encouraged it" therefore Bovat can subpoena the Solyndra/White House/Fisker/NISSAN emails for her "trumped up" trial.... wow!!! 

A woman who worked for Al Gore told Sharyn in June 2010 that "they" appreciated her efforts to show the need for energy independence.  Shortly AFTER that meeting Sharyn verified NISSAN was using "outdated" technology and started blogging AGAINST the DOE funded EV.  She had already blogged since June 2009 that the Leaf was destined to fail. 

Now its clear Al Gore was "assisting" profiteers in the Middle East.   Today a viewer in "another land" sent Sharyn and email on WHY Qatar was ALSO an investor in!!!
  read above  I've been approached by a very credible transportation analyst to co write a book.....   cool!!!


One viewer said "Ghosn will WISH he were Gaddafi" You'd be amazed at HOW corrupt "this" whole thing is....and people ALL over the world have communicated the problem.  NOW Ghosn needs to be investigated.   That won't happen until it's the  Romney administration....  IT's obvious President Obama is "covering up" for his allies.  Isn't Obama supposed to represent AMERICA!!!


Americans have told me they want NISSAN executives to do JAIL time for the fraud it's the ONLY way to prevent this from happening again. 


Could this get any weirder??? 


Yes!!!  Read what I sent to Former Tennessee Economic Development Officials yesterday...



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Subject: NISSAN Whistleblower Emails Reagan Farr and Matt Kisber..... Seeking Funding for NEW (Frivolous) TN Solar Venture

Mr. Reagan & Mr.Farr,

This year for Halloween I thought I’d wrap myself in aluminum foil and go trick or treating with my daughter as a solar panel.   I noticed that my venture is just as credible as other’s given DOE and state funds and I would like assistance in my quest for government funding.  Maybe Silicon Ranch can assit?

 “Silicon Ranch's management team will fully utilize all available federal, state and local incentive programs. Strategies aimed at maximizing available incentives..”  The Silicon Ranch Website

YES!!! I know my idea might seem frivolous.  In the past I would have spoken out against wasteful spending of taxpayer money.  The mindset in Tennessee seems to have been "Who cares about the people still waiting for FEMA assistance" and "Who cares about the poor people that don’t have enough food in their refrigerators?"  Mr. Kisber & Farr  I have an equally valid need for funds; I want to take my child on a Disney cruise for Christmas.   

At a recent Titan game at the Club level I saw people enjoy their federal funds & I thought "it's time to be a Tennessee team player".

Recently I saw Jack Sayed of Apollo Energy Storage at Whole Foods in Cools Springs with his wife Melanie, She used to go by the last name Sayed but went back to her maiden name when she became “co founder” of the company that has received Federal DOE funds, State ECD funds and free rent at the Incubation Center. Get this. at the “trail mix” bar she used her bare hands and enjoyed a snack,  I felt like yelling to the Sayed’s “Cant you people PAY for anything”. Instead I was silent that Saturday night and sent my friend Mark Silverman a texted email with a picture (He'll never get "trail mix" again).

I told NISSAN board member Carlos Tavares in April 2010 that I spoke to Jack Sayed and “get this” he told me he was a BIG fan of my blog and so was Ghosn.    Nissan Global CVP Simon Sproule is “friends” with Jack and Scott Steven’s an ex NISSAN guy  is an advisory to his company.  Mr. Sayed confirmed in April 2010 that Mr. Tavares was NOT part of the GREEN deception; he also told me names of people in the state ECD office.   

With that said CALL ME 615-415-6675 and let’s have coffee or lunch at the Capitol Grill.  I hear Bredesen likes that place… OK  I actually saw him dine there several times with “green” industry types.  Personally I’m not a believer in taking government money for something “not economically viable” but evidently that’s NOT the norm in Tennessee and my mom taught me “when in Rome do as the Romans”.

My goal is to "really" work for a company or candidate that creates REAL jobs and I can't do that with "trumped up" charges against me. My child has suffered for OVER 2 years having a mom who's a whistleblower and  I hope with this email "I make My Point"....  I truly want to stop ranting & "move on"..  This is getting ridicules. 

Also, my viewer from Finland is ANOTHER EV maker...scamming the DOE.  It's scary!!!

Have a Great Weekend!!

Sharyn Bovat


Thank you auto industry communication elite for  reading

Have a great weekend!!!


Peace and Respect


Sharyn Bovat


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