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Too Many Dots.......

Connecting the Dots can be “fun”….   ???  Am I “closer”…….  ???  Mr. Tavares Can we land.

“I believed a “false flag” operation was happening at



My dad died in 1983 of lung cancer.   That’s why my mom was BIG into the no smoking movement.  She then ticked off wealthy tobacco lobbyist (like Haley Barbour).  A few months later in 1984 my mom started dating my dad’s best friend. He was 747 Captain; he was from Puerto Rico, spoke Spanish and also, a “gun runner”……for the “Greater Good”       

GET IT!!!      Oddly he disappeared in the early 90’s ... “Poof”

My mom got flowers on her birthday with a note from him saying he loved her.   She got a few cryptic calls.    Later my mom left the bay area.  *** At least I know WHY Oliver North talked to me.  It was odd.***                                                    


???  Maybe something to do with Gates, actually I don't know I will NEVER know.  


~More history~

In the early 90’s Oliver North approached me at a brunch that was a fund raiser for Bill Baker a CA Legislature that became a congressman in 1994. Oliver North was pitching a book at the time and everyone loved him.   At that brunch I went to my car to get something and as I walked up the driveway he was walking toward me.   He stopped me and asked "for an opinion".  I told him "I don't have one." He said "I think you do". I told him   "you should talk to people that wanted to hear what he had to say."

That’s when I got the lecture on LOYALTY to country and to “who you work for”.  AGAIN!!!  I did NOT know who I worked for. 

One of my saddest memories was when attending a conference that Massachusetts governor Weld attended I desperately wanted to talk to him.  He was someone I admired.   One of his people would NOT let me near him calling me an amoeba.  I did NOT know what that meant.   Now that the “puzzle” pieces have come together it makes sense.   To this day I believe he would have made a great president or Vice President.  

~OK....  I can't go further since that's all I know.~                                    Sharyn Bovat Pictured with B1 Bob Dornan

In 1994 I fled to NYC and lived a “normal” life.  After 9-11-2001 ALL ties to my past were totally dissolved.  Watching the towers fall was the most painful moment of my life. A few months earlier I had moved to Franklin Tennessee.   I decided that I would simply “fit it” and enjoy my life.  I adopted a little girl, became a carpool mom, and volunteered in the community.  For fun I played tennis. & that is how I got to meet Greg Kelly.  I played in his wife’s team.    People in the community “thought” I knew more than I did because they would see us having lunch.  I saw a LOT in Williamson County and Tennessee that did not make sense.  Because I learned how to ask questions and find out why. 

Over the years I had a lot of knowledge on “how this society ticks”.  Never did I speak up for I just wanted to enjoy my life.  In 2006 I applied to work in international relocation and I was good at that.  The job kept me busy and I met some interesting people.   I was considered the best in my profession and I started to work with the top executives at NISSAN.  In 2008 my relocation job turned “interesting”.   From my previous life I knew the “symptoms” on an internal battle of control.   Earlier in life I knew that “if” I played ball with the hawks.  My life would be fruitful and fun.    Still my heart told me Bob Dole is who I wanted for President in 1988.  When Dole lost I had a “set back” in life.  Still I survived.   In 1992 the “hawks” wanted me on Haley Barbour’s team. I could NOT do it.  Instead I fought for the “doves”.    


The Nissan Good Ole Boy’s were aligned with the hawks.   Still I “thought” Ghosn was a dove.  For he was connected to the Clinton’s.    I confided a lot to Mr. Tavares.  I wanted the Clintons to get the message about the problems with the EV.  I wanted the EV to succeed. 


I believed a “false flag” operation was happening at NISSAN.  Which in a way must have been true.   For only “after” did ALL my issues get pointed out did the problems get tackled.   Mr. Tavares has had a “great team” working at making EV success.  


Mr. Ghosn has an ex Nixon era CIA guy “take care of problems”.   I Sharyn Bovat “understand” their tactics.   That is HOW I’ve been able to fight back.


The American State Department and CIA is loaded with hawks.   That scares me.  Still I believe both hawks and doves have one thing in common and that is we LOVE America.  It’s time to remove/or reset the mindset of the hawks from Nissan & America.


My name is Sharyn Bovat & I believe in Peace and Respect!!!


???  Is anyone with me?


Viewers PLEASE don’t think my life was ALL bad.  In 1992 people wanted to be my “friend”  I even got to throw the “1st Pitch” at an Oakland A’s game. 




Funny this year when the SF Giants “crushed” Texas I was happy, considered it “payback”. 




Not to forget the late Ed Daly and his WORLD AIRWAYS [ex? CIA proprietorship] flying internal Vietnam B727-100 passenger "missions." :8

The usual Scabs continue to fly the military charters, just as they had during the six months strike in 1979 when the late Ed Daly had hired armed guards with shotguns to get the scabs through the picket line at Oakland Airport. Good luck to all the real World Airways pilots who stand their ground.

ironbutt57: "...quite sure the crews rostered to fly CRAF or such are required by law to do so...." :confused:
NOBODY at World "by law" is required to go to work! World is no longer a CIA proprietorship as it was during the Vietnam war days. If the company stops flying Air Mobility Command flights, then it would only be in contractual default; its pilots are not part of the military, nor employed by the U.S. government :ooh:


"These guys make ALPA look like a bunch of choirboys".

Exactly my point dear boy; some of us out here might feel that some airline managements are "nothing but a professional bunch of thugs"!

Can you remember the days when Ed Daly could only get into the hangar at Oakland with an armed guard on the occasions that he was brave enough to leave his mountain retreat?

Some airline upper mgmts can do much more permanent damage to thousands of careers, using "legal hired-guns" or financial consultants (given a very 'shiny' retainer...), armed with pens and briefcases, than any bunch of street thugs. The most dangerous ones often wear expensive three-piece suits, with shoes from Milan.

The flight was the first 747 to ever land in Somalia and Daly was using it as an example of how humanitarian assistance supports the nation building process. At the same time he was angling for a potentially lucrative Pentagon contract to move supplies and possibly troops into the strategic Horn of Africa.



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