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The Final Chapter???

NISSAN, I learned working in politics that 3rd party vendors are a Good Ole Boy Good
Thing. Basically because of traceability.   I’ve been a 3rd party vendor my entire life. 

???                 Why 

Answer:        My lack of formal education & then when I received my degree it was from a State College that was known as a commuter school.  Early in life I became a tool for those that had the Ivy League logo sweatshirts and the capability of making graphs and presenting it beautifully using 4 syllable words.  Yet they needed me  to understand the minds of  “average” America and then for “fresh ideas”.  I found it to be a win~win situation for I was given lots of quality time with many talented people.  Their knowledge became my knowledge and being a product of my environment I felt like I had a "quality"  education one that was learned “in the field”. 

The word Minion is actually an elitist word and early on I was called a “minion”.  To Reaganites that was a “good” word it meant protégé.  How did I get this title?  I asked and was told it was my “pedigree” (yes like dogs at Westminster) my mom was well known locally and got a lot of media when she championed the no smoking in restaurant movement but more important to them was my ancestry goes back to the Revolution in 1776.  Yes, one of my relative did sign the Declaration of Independence.   Image was everything so by my heritage I was able to “fit in".  Let's be real,  it was just "odd" that they justified my presence by calling me that.  Oh well It can't be explained.  Now that I'm older the "thought" that I worked for people that called me "plain and had a pedigree" is horrible.  Yet, I felt a "calling" and wanted to be apart of "good change".


I remember hearing that people wished  a “different” union went on strike instead of the Air Traffic Controllers (one that would be easier to find replacements for).   These people traveled a lot and they wanted the best in the control towers.   When I saw the advertisement in the classified I signed up for the test. Nobody thought I could just walk in and take the test with no previous experience and pass it.  Word was it was a hard test and that’s why so many problems.

Yes!!!   I did pass it on the first try J J

Doing that opened “roads” and opportunities to meet a lot of people.

I started to attend conventions early on and at the age of 19 I met this  guy who worked for a member of congress from Texas at a California Republican Party convention in San Diego at the Town and COuntry Hotel at a Log Cabin Club Party we talked and both asked a lot of questions.   He like me he did not go to a prestigious university, yet he was driven for success.  I couldn't figure him out.   Oddly, Over and over again through the years I kept seeing him.  I saw him in Santa Rosa at the Red Lion Inn, In Burlingame at the Hyatt, In LA at different locations, Sacramento, San Diego Again, Anaheim twice, and one night while I was chatting to friends in Palm Springs at the Hyatt on the cement deck overlooking the pool and the mountains right behind be was “Ed”.  He was standing their quietly.

Looking back, "Ed" was an observer of people & was “plain” like me, he “fit in” (although I found his suits too synthetic for California, sorry truth hurts but Sir, you did in a way ruin America).    Bottom line He was a genius and back then I liked talking to him. 


One Sunday morning after a CRP convention I was in the lobby talking to some waiting for a van to take them to the airport to catch the flight to DC, they were waiting for Newt Gingrich to check out of his hotel room.   We were talking about the difference of the Reagan Young Republicans and the Bush Young Republicans.  I said:
 “ it’s SCARY at this convention, heck on a Saturday night these kids are carrying bibles not cocktails and worse they’re like ‘trained seals’ you tell them to clap they clap, tell them to jump through hoops they do it….They don’t even care what the message is.  MY GOD if anyone ever got these mindless minions organized they’d take over the world”.  

America, I should have spoken in a lower voice, standing next to me quietly was “Ed”.    Years later I put it all together.   I was told by an FBI agent that there is no such thing as too many coincidences.   I realized way too late “Ed” was the Stealth Suit.  He was most likely why I got “trapped” on the "pink" hat team.  OUCH!!!

NISSAN, Remember I said earlier “a mother of triplets knows who’s who” When I said to Mr. Tavares “the mindless minions were running NISSAN North America”, I knew what I was talking about.     

Back to NISSAN:

Being a 3rd party vendor at NISSAN I found many parallels to being one in politics.  You see paper trails are something politicians don’t want and neither did NISSAN.   My 2 years selling real estate taught me about contracts and business ethics and what was going on in Williamson County when NISSAN arrived was beyond belief.  I could not complain and who could I complain too??? It was the culture of the community.   Still I thought the bad spending was wrong.   Yet, NISSAN is a company and if they want to waste money it’s the shareholders responsibility to complain.  Although, the Tennessee taxpayers spent a lot of money recruiting NISSAN to come to Tennessee.   It wasn’t until a gentleman went to congress to ask for 1.6 Billion dollars of taxpayer money that I felt the need to speak up on this website.   Last year I asked questions about the EV at NISSAN HQ and told  the car was "not important" and  "America does not want the 
electric car"
??? why take America's money? 

North America’s "Good Ole Boy" managements “commitment to the EV” Zelch!!!

To show you how motivated I was to get the word out, In June after I started this website I called a VP (the only one that I knew who genuinely "believed" in the EV at North America )   Funny to get him to talk to me on the phone I told his assistant that it's his "cousin"  and an emergency.     I asked him to look at my website. I told him people wanted Mr. Tavares to Fail and I was nervous about my emails. Then he told me I was "not" his cousin.  OMG!!!  How do I explain this ???  It was a cultural barrier,  yet I continued to tell of the problem and I think the message got through.  From the look of things my "cousin" is doing a "good" job with the Lovely LEAF

NISSAN the EV was my big ticket item (I have plenty other items (some big) that I choose to “not recall”   for the record I did try to hand over a list to HR quietly but NOBODY wanted it…How many times have I said that in the last 9 months???).   

Now I feel that I  can talk about lack of commitment to the EV today ,. because it’s my “Inner Belief” that management  has changed at
NISSAN North America.  Actually I’d be heartbroken if it hasn’t.     NISSAN is now doing it for 200 million less so I believe management has changed.  Nobody has told me officially.

For the record.  If MARK STOUT were to call me I would not speak to him.  I’ve been to other countries (3rd world) and have met people who were later charged of crimes like corruption and torture.  Instinctively I put him in the same category because he like them “enjoyed” treating people in an inhumane way.   He could have been kind to me.  Instead he chose to terrorize me and got others involved making me feel “not welcome” in this community.  I even got a call telling me "where my body could be found".

???                 Why was Mark Stout inhumane?

Answer:        Because I told Tavares.


These are copies of my credentials from the 1992 internal battle of control.

Notice the number.  That will prove that I was on the “Pink” hat team.  Henry Barbour (Haley’s nephew the son of the Mississippi tea party leader) gave me my credentials with a strict warning.  He knew I was to be “watched” and he wanted to know my whereabouts.  He told me where I could not be and showed me a specific area where they kept trailers that were used as private offices for “higher ups” backstage.  My badge would allow me access but I could not be near certain trailers.  Well after “Going Rogue” I took a tour.  WOW!!! 

People in California wanted me to get close to Jeb for he was the heir apparent.   I couldn’t.  He was fully protected by his supporters.   Yet in the “good ole boy” trailer zone where Dick Cheney was having lots of meetings, along with Haley Barbour I saw George and took my pink hat out of my tote bag. We had a quick conversation before people who looked like secret service but were not surrounded him and walked away.    For the record George W Bush was very nice.  He was articulate.  He went to Yale like his dad.   Huh!!!   Simple Speak (with a Texas Twang)???

Back to my point:

When returning to California I gave my report.   They wanted to hear about JEB. I said I was sorry but could not get near him BUT I did get an “opinion” on his brother “George”.   I was told “don’t worry about him; nobody would ever take him seriously”.

 Have A Great Day!!!                                           Sharyn

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