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Note to TN Transplants

These photos taken by Sharyn at Dachau in a little over 10 years ago.... Thank you Germany for "not" hiding the past!!!!! 

Sharyn's "thoughts" From Starbucks 7-19-2010

Some of the Tennessee "Good Ole Boys" purchased land with "insider" information.  They "jacked" the prices up before those from NISSAN in California did their shopping.   

Then they put "good Ole Boys" in every division to "protect their own" during the cutbacks at NISSAN.  If i did not become a "whistleblower"  then those NISSAN families who uprooted their lives would have been "broke and unemployed".  They need to "thank" Carlos Tavares for he saved their jobs.  

For years the local school board continuously "rezoned" the children not from Tennessee, thus damaging home values in those communities. 

Many NISSAN executives moved here and purchased expensive homes "thinking" their wives would go back to work.  The employment opportunities for women were "not what was expected"  Maybe because "Good Ole Boy" make it their motto that "Skirts Don't Speak".   

At NISSAN women in management were replaced with the unqualified buddies of the "Good Ole Boys".  Soon many homes will go into foreclosure since many paid too much and got a 5 year 2.9% fixed loan that will adjust to 7.1%   The "good Ole Boys" got their cash when they did their "flips" ....  

Years ago I sat next to a holocaust survivor on an airplane.  She had a tatoo and was going to Santa Barbara to speak.   She told me that in Germany many of the Jews kept silent when Hitler started to discriminate against the mentally ill and others.   Many were intelligent yet hid their heads in the sand.   Then unprepared they got taken to "camp" ...not summer camp with S'mores but concentration camps.   She survived!!!!  

She spent the entire flight telling me her story and said when you see an "injustice" SPEAK UP!!!     Dianne Feinstein from California told me if nobody is listening to "keep talking".  I did that.  I've been humiliated, harassed and bullied.  I'm now asking for support from the community.

Yesterday:   I was told that Californians are "lazy" and they deserved what was happening to them.  In my "heart" I have to think that statement was "false"  I believe those that moved to TN from CA were just busy with their lives and were unaware.  

America NOW they know.   If they do not "insist" on change in the community then the lady at the Williamson County jail was right....  I should move.   If "change" does not happen then the "good Ole Boys" will dominate this society and they will forever be the "only" ones deemed to succeed. 

Tennessee Transplants.... Get YOUR heads out of the sand!!!!!
I Spoke and now it's YOUR turn!!!

Call me 615-415-6675... Lets make TN a success for EVERYONE!!!

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