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Why Sharyn Wants CSR

Somebody in my former Womens club complained at a local establishment that I might get a "good" job.  Evidently her husband had worked over 20 years and never got promoted. 
Then I was told by a Brentwood business woman "lots" of people are talking about you, at first they said you were "crazy" for going after a "Good Ole Boy" network,  then they were "scared" of you (when they realized Tavares was listening) and now they are "jealous" of you.   

%$#@  I can NEVER win with this group of Brentwood housewives.  I just don't "fit in" here. 
That's OK..  This woman is ready to "move on"..... Taking the Road to Success.

NISSAN and Tennessee "If" I do get the top CSR job it's because  Sharyn Bovat EARNED IT:    

Sharyn Bovat has the "Courage":   Courage to tell leadership of problems.

Sharyn Bovat is "Tough":  Tough  enough to fight against a LOT of "big boys" that were trying to bring me down and although "bruised" I'm better than "ever" in a way they prepared me for the "sharks tank".     Rob hate to tell you this YOU were just a "bad"  appetizer :) :)

Sharyn Bovat was "Smart" enough to figure out the problems: Those at the US NISSAN HQ that were caused by a dysfunctional group of  twisted corporate executives that "almost" destroyed the company **

Sharyn Bovat is a "Team Player": Knowing  that "change takes time" and she wanted Mr. Tavares to succeed.  Thus was not "pushy"  & did not file any "quick" lawsuits... which is Sharyns "last" choice.  For Sharyn's  goal is truly to work and enjoy her life.  Also Change the Corporate Culture. 

During this time she emailed "lots" of thoughts to the Chairman of the Americas.  Admittedly when she learned others were taking her ideas and making them theirs she got mad.  She even emailed the Chairman months ago saying "if she's on a team I don't care WHO takes credit until then tell that 'fruit fly' to give me some respect".  

Sharyn Bovat past experiences gave her a "Strong Character":   Being around high level political and business leaders (i'll tell my Ted Turner memories over cocktails) and being told that what I have to say is "important"  Still talking is not my "thing" I'm a listener. That's what researchers do they ask alot of  questions and by truly listening with an open mind "good data" happens. It's with "good data" that you get the "WINNING" message.   I did that for "those taking care of Sharyn" ***  

Sharyn Bovat "Cares":   Several people have told me that NISSAN does not deserve me and I should file a lawsuit and move on with my life. They say NISSAN will settle quickly & people have asked if I regretted NOT taking money from Mark Stout to be silent about the problems in North America and ask if I wish I never fought for "human decency".  

Recently I learned the Williamson County Schools are saving "millions" of dollars on construction because they NOW have to be transparent.  The children (including my child) will benifit with money spent "in" the classroom and not in "goodies" for buddies. People are talking nutrition in Tennessee because of my "rants" so that means "Change can happen".  

NISSAN has a "lot" of rot in HR.  Some VERY good people are in that building and I've heard so many stories of how NISSAN was a company that treated it's employees like "family" when the Japanese were in charge.
Still I understand it's a "global" economy and companies have to make profits.  RESPECT needs to be instilled in EVERY division to protect the "emotional" well being and the intellectual property of a company.   

After "mulling over the 3-4 year "temp" issue and getting a clear picture of Morton Math I see a "challenge" and thats getting the employees at NISSAN to "trust" management. It's been a decade of disaster for many.   The fact is Carlos Ghosn made some tough business decisions and he was "demanding"  he had/has LOTS on his plate and he let people lead North America that were not only bad at business but were personally "greedy"   They "feared" people that were "smart".   They were disrespectful to so many....  They are WHY the Leaf is ugly and other cars seemed to have "lost their "souls" . 

The "car" people that I talked to at NISSAN want NISSAN to get it's "heart" back.     That is why I want to work at NISSAN.  i'm a "big picture" thinker and I met Carlos Tavares and he "wants success" and he wants people to "love their jobs".    

Sharyn Bovat is "Loyal":   If Change Happens I want to be apart of it doing CSR for I believe that People Matter!!!!
I figure it will take 3 years to clean up the "emotional" damage done by the "previous" American leadership.  Trust takes time.   Building loyalty happens "after" trust..  For success NISSAN needs "1" corporate culture with employees "loyal" to the brand/company.  They need to know WHO is the leader.  VERY IMPORTANT  No longer can NISSAN have "multiple" alliances within "just" NISSAN.    
As "Matlock would say "I rest my case" 

The answer is up to Mr. Tavares

Have A Great Day!!!                       Sharyn
Love Cars~Love People~Love the Planet

** Had Mr. Tavares not had "an open mind" and trusted The Good Ole Boy  HR  in 2 years NISSAN would be the car equivalent to the airlines Pan Am or TWA.....   TOAST    Then that 1.6 Billion dollar loan to the taxpayers NEVER would have been repaid.
*** In "previous" work experiences Sharyn only gave data to those that "took care of her".  Remember it was the 80's and then during an "internal battle for control".


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