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Eidetic Memory

NISSAN.....I have a Eidetic memory and at the "oddest" moments entire conversations from the past  "pop".  Since last March my sleep has been disturbed by puzzle pieces "floating".  

New "issue" I tried 2 times to get a high level executive a Drivers license in TN.  Oddly before I met the executive on February 3rd I met an HR executive I was told of "connections" to make things happen quickly and efficiently.  That did NOT happen. In March I was told it would be "taken care of"  It wasn't.   Before the first appointment in spring  I took all the documents to the DMV to confirm all was OK.  When I showed up with the high level leader and it wasn't OK,  WHY??.   I knew I was being set up for "failure", that same day about an hour before I had to pick up the executive an HR leader threatened me if I talked about "things".     He was so verbally abusive, I was threatened that I would be unemployable.  He would "make sure all calls about me would go to him".    Knowing the "Good Ole Boys" dominated Tennessee my "happy" life was over.  I have a daughter and her life would suffer because I was a whistle blower.  I will admit I was in tears when I picked up that high level exec. about an hour later.  While driving the corporate white infiniti to te DMV (that was beeping way too much)  something at that moment triggered...   

My mind after years in dormacy was "open for business". 

I read recently that when people/companies/governments  hit their LOWEST moments that's when positive long term change happens.  Mark Stout....THANK YOU!!!!!

That day  I could not say anything about "being set up for "failure" to the high level leader.  I decided to make sure the 2nd visit  went smoothly.  I personally contacted  a member of the state legistlatures office to help with a simple license for a high level leader. "
If you know the "right" people things happen quickly..." Then while at the DMV  for a second time and again the experience did not go as planned. Delayed extensivly... NISSAN,  Two Days Ago..... A conversation between the branch manager and the worker  replayed in my mind.  CLEARLY.   I was set up for "failure" and the government supported the "Good Ole Boys".   The state helped waste the time of the HIGHEST level auto executive to EVER move to Tennessee.  


Have A Great Day!!


Eidetic memory

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Eidetic memory, or photographic memory, is the ability to recall images, sounds, or objects in memory with extreme accuracy and in abundant volume. The word eidetic (pronounced /??'d?t?k/) means related to extraordinarily detailed and vivid recall of visual images, and comes from the Greek word e?d?? (eidos), ....Eidetic memory as observed in children is typified by the ability of an individual to study an image for approximately 30 seconds, and maintain a nearly perfect photographic memory of that image for a short time once it has been removed — indeed such eidetikers claim to "see" the image on the blank canvas as vividly and in as perfect detail as if it were still there. Much like any other memory, the intensity of the recall may be subject to several factors such as duration and frequency of exposure to the stimulus, conscious observation, relevance to the person, etc. This fact stands in contrast to the general misinterpretation of the term which assumes a constant and total recall of all events.  th extreme accuracy and in abundant volume. The word eidetic (pronounced /??'d?t?k/) means related to extraordinarily detailed and vivid recall of visual images, and comes from the Greek word e?d?? (eidos), 
At the air traffic control academy we were given a detail map...had to memorize it.  Put in a room with a blank piece of paper and had to reproduce it.  

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