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We Are Family


The way my mind works I break things into families.
Like the auto industry for example. 

First ALL car makers are one family (a tree)

Then you have BIG Branches.   Each larger branch represents a cultural/regional  community and each will make different leaves (some blue:)

One of the dominate branches on the “auto family tree" is the branch of the Japanese car makers.

 Yes!!!  You’re all ONE family.

Think about when the attacks were made against Japanese cars in the early 90’s.  Nissan Toyota & Honda were all together fighting for your reputation in America  so you are on the same “team” in a sense.  .    

When a customer looks for a car they usually are drawn to a “larger” branch.  
Could be the American branch ~German branch ~Japanese branch ~ Korean branch , etc.

From that branch they need to see what appeals to them. 

Each sprouted branch on the tree has a different identity.  I see the Toyota branch as the big sister, a calming influence. practical, successful.  Honda has a bit more  testosterone so I would say it’s the smart brother in the Japanese car family.  A solid choice. 

So what’s the identity of NISSAN?  I think that question was being asked by many in the auto industry.  Many writers thought you strayed.  Now maybe it’s been decided you’re going back to your roots, The Spicy Sexy Performance Driven Sibling …….WOW!!!!

Ready for “friendly” competition within the “family”

Good News Tokyo!!!!    In the end the entire branch becomes more solid  for having Japan known for quality is a win/win/win.

Good News America!!! You win TOO Since it’s a global economy and you need a “healthy tree”. 

 NISSAN’s success means jobs to the US. 

????   Why did I do this page

I wanted to thank HONDA  for letting me use your name on this website.  

People at HONDA If you’re wondering when it’s coming  down.  Just call Carlos Tavares at NISSAN J

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