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Imagine all The People Living Life in Peace.  You May Say I'm a Dreamer, but I'm not the Only One"..... John Lennon

hits from 6 continents.  ???  is this"just" the beginning.

??? Maybe "Relo Gate" is needed for job creation, the planet (the EV) and to prove "my point" about bad spenders.

This website is a "tool" for change.  I'm sure some republicans have seen this and are now thinking of being a "little" more open minded to supporting political leaders that support "reasonable"  legistlation.  Those that will help americans in this "rough" economy.

FYI~ here's a "rant" The new healthcare bill is %#@&  but sadly it was the "best" that could be done with the current "let's create roadblocks" attitude and what has happened is Americans feel like nobody in DC cares about them. It's DISGUSTING!!!!
Maybe next year you can make "tweaks". 

To Those Creating "Roadblocks": using stale rhetoric making people think that nothing can happen till after the 2010 elections and then 2012 when you  "take back"  America using red state Glenn Beck retardism (glorified stupidity) propaganda that's misleading people to  "think" America will only get better when Obama is gone.... is tragic.
America It's ridicules that its taking so long to get a bipartisan group together and secure the votes needed to do something that will create jobs, help the planet and immediately help our air quality, and something that will lesson our dependance of oil from volatile nations. 

Hey,  look at the gulf of Mexico... Anyone care about "wildlife" of even the future for gulf coast fisherman.  My "friend"  Haley Barbour keeps telling people to "visit Mississippi, it's just a few tar balls on the beach".   He's on record with more racist my guess is this "skirt" squashed his dreams of Pennsylvania Avenue.   Thank God!!!  The "truth" worked.

???  Still my website is up...   WHY

Carlos Tavares is going to be formally announced as the new leader for NISSAN and then we'll hear about the new structure of the Renault~Nissan Alliance that will be under control Of Ghosn and I predict "not" the 50/50 split as it was in the past.  It's just as easy to understand how the alliance works in dutch as it is english....  It's complicated.  Glad you have good chart people.   Also, those educated "elite".    I like the cars in the chart.

OK....Here's one in english.... I Told you it was complicated...notice 50% going into the alliance so something had to shift_   Too many exeuctives had too many alliances in this corporate game of survivor.

Tokyo:   I just want you to know that I've got a beautiful CSR plan outlined and it's ALL about telling the world and communicating to shareholders, customers, and employee's the value of Omoiyari and respect for all people and good business practices.   Using Japanese words and traditions well make CSR mean something so much more than it is today.  To the people of Japan I'll make YOU proud.   I Sharyn Bovat "respect" your culture.  FYI- equally I respect the French culture.
Lets just say this "skirt" is on everyone's team.

Back to politics:
???  Maybe we need Congressional hearings.    WHY 

I believe the invasion on Kuwait was "staged". I believe they took a strategy from the Reagan era and twisted it.  The Secretary of Defense worked well with those in the oil industry.   As of now I'll just say "deals happened".  I'll elaborate at  "public congressional  hearings" me to testify.     

WOW!!!    This will be "bigger" than Watergate, Iran/Contragate, Travelgate,  & it can "bring" down the reputations of "2" presidents.  They both needed a "gate" and truly they deserve it.

Personally I think the "tall guy" was being properly monitored during the Clinton administration yet when "W" took office priorities "changed".  It's all about "Good Ole Boy Greed".  ???  Who attacked America on 9-11.

The positive outcome from public hearings on the BUSH WARS would be that republican leaders would "distant" themselves from those of the "Greedy Good Ole Boy Era" and the republican party can reorganize (just like at NISSAN North America).  Maybe they should create a "Code of Conduct"  one that will benifit the country Just like at NISSAN and Renault.  Still...  I think about the "true" Harvey Milk story.  I was told that the reality was neither looked good and Harvey Milk was dead so they wanted to make him a role model for the gay community.    Sometimes it's best for the "greater good" to keep things quiet.   Still by being quiet in this case the extremist continue to be in control.  They've destroyed our country in many ways.   The racism and the war mongering needs to end.   The current president needs to succeed if America has any hope in restoring our global reputation.

Back to NISSAN I want to go on record as having the highest amount of respect for the CEO of Renault~Nissan and I believe he will create a huge success out of the Alliance and he will build many more of them.
  That said:

When I learned that the new Renault CFO was a person I had "little" respect for because he was the leader living and working in America at NISSAN when women dropped in management from over 20% in California to 14% in Tennessee.  He was around when strategically women were fired and replaced with the buddies of the "good ole boys" and women in management declined to 10% in America.  When I heard he was the new Renault CFO  I had the same emotion as when I learned Dick Cheney was the vice presidential nominee in 2000 SICK TO MY STOMACH....Because our country would be run by someone more concerned about his "friends" bank accounts rather than creating a harmonious society.   Yet.... It's not fair to put both in the same catagory.   I'm smart and I know an announcement of a new CFO does NOT affect me & I was irrational since I'm not French and my government does not own a "chunk" of the company and since I'm not looking for a job at  Renault (their "autonomous" from NISSAN)  it's OK.  Renaults decisions have nothing to do with me.   My goal is to work and enjoy my life I want to do CSR and create things that are positive for people the planet & society.  I think I have the skills that can help change NISSAN's image. Which in a way I've actually done. I've seen many of my "thoughts" put into play on your websites.  

Better Carlos Tavares has a large team that has been working VERY hard for over a year creating "long term" success for the company.   He can "make it happen" and has already proved it:  

???  Did you notice the in the 1st 4 months of this year Mr. Tavares increased the market share in the USA by about 15%.  Proving Good things happen when people work as "1" team....that means that ALL those "Good Ole Boys" doing nothing at the North American office were/are truly "excess luggage".  My thought you don't need too much luggage.     

Let's stay on the road to victory with one team~one goal~one leader.
The "old" way was too confusing.   

Making money is what business is about and using some of that profit from success can go back to society.   That "V" platform shared with Renault could easily take us there globally.   Just think of how many jobs can be created and "good" dividends will be the "norm".

It's good in life to have "friendly alliances"  WOW!!!
Mr. Thormann I've beaten up on you and you deserved it.  Let's just say I'm done.  I wish you well with your new position.   Obviously someone has a lot of "faith" in you.  Maybe someday we can have a glass of champagne to toast future success.  For both companies.  I'll buy. 

So many "good" things are going to come.  

??? Is the 240 happening.  

I think the shareholders will like what's going to happen in the future.

NISSAN Shifted....America it's YOUR Turn...
Just something to "think" about.
Have A Great Day!!!!                     Sharyn
Love Cars~Love People~Love the Planet
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