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Advice for T. Woodward

The Clock is Ticking!!!      

Tracy Woodward,

This is Sharyn the "speaking skirt" with some advice.   Last April a man aligned with Simon Sproule talked to me in person and told me that I was focusing too much on Kelly~Stout & Chapman on my website.  HR is corrupt and EVERYONE knows it. 

Get this I also got word that the dishonest real estate deals in TN were "small potatos."

Sproule's friend told me that Morton was a "big fish" and I had correctly identified Thormann as the "meat" of the problem  He also said the Becker & Woodward were implementing EVERYTHING.  He said YOU were corrupt.  
I asked and Tavi was/is simply a puppet for Becker. He also said Noziere was "the evil one".   wow!!!!  

Oh I immediatly emailed Tavares (this was April 2010)   Mr. Tavares even knows the name of Simon's friend.

Years ago when I worked in politics I knew some people that were connected to the a guy who was the California State Insurance Commissioner.  Well they did the "immunity" move. Fun fact-  I think the former insurance commisioner now lives in Hawaii.  Look what happened in Guy Hunt in Alabama, Haley Barbours friend the guy got indicted (was guilty) and then Barbour had Bush restore his image.  Tracy the "big fish" always get saved by their they're in power.   ???  WHy do you think Haley Barbour raises so much money.  He's buying "friends" to keep him out of the court system. OMG!!!!  He had his family get hurricane Katrina contracts.   It's crazy how taxpayer money is wasted in America by the Greedy Good Ole Boy Elite.     

Back then when that %$# hit the fan in CA I was happy I fled to NYC for I knew that what was happening in CA was morally wrong.   Good people were doing "stupid" things.  Just to keep their jobs.  This happened during and after the California parties internal battle of control.   FYI- That one was not as entertaining as the RNC internal battle of control. 

In reference to that one this other guy I knew was a "big boy" who ended up doing time in the "big house".   He was connected to a check cashing scheme in CONGRESS.   Ironically one of the last times I saw that man was at a BBQ in Dallas and at the table sitting next to me was Pete Sessions.   

Strange .....  

Anyway Frederique Le Greves was one of my clients. She lived in a home owned by a Good Ole Boy LLC.    Members of that LLC were people that had contracts wiht Nissan in 2006.    In spring 2009 Catherine Perez told me to NOT tell Tavares about it I should ONLY tell Thormann or Kelly.  

Life is "funny" but YOUR name is attached to some of this relo stuff that does NOT gel.  Tracy Woodard   You helped in the "transition".   Tracy it's time for You too SPEAK.   I've seen people "do time" that were NOT the ones that should have gotten the time.  Your an American and you could be the fall girl.   

I want YOU to protect yourself and tell the truth.

Have a Great Day!!!


For the record I heard that Frederique complained about the high rent NISSAN paid for the home.   So that means she could be a victem of the Good Ole Boys. Some people would think she's corrupt because she lived in a home owned by corrupt people and I'm saying that does NOT mean she's corrupt.  I've heard good things about her.   She's a "skirt" that speaks. 

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