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The flags to the left represent viewers from countries that have viewed this website & by the end of the year we'll have over 1,000,000 hits.   
Using tools from the Silicon Valley this computer “challenged” woman has fought against discrimination, bad spending and stood up for the Tennessee taxpayers. 

If “change” happens Williamson County and Tennessee can emerge the long term winner in this Battle for Human Decency for good “long term” high income jobs can be created when a community values and treats all residents with fairness and respect.       

The schools in Williamson County might change to become more accepting of diversity, we’ll find out tomorrow.  Already I’ve heard their serious about wanting the children in Williamson County to become bi-lingual and prepare them for a globalized society.  

Products “innovated” by those left coast IT Elite will be responsible for the “possible” cultural change in middle Tennessee.  Thank you for creating products that people can use (at minimal or no cost) that communicate problems.   Many people in Tennessee don’t like cultural change and now leaders need to communicate the need for change via those “innovative” products.  Please don’t use the word innovative.  I’ve talked to many hard working red state republicans and they don’t like the "fancy" word & they want simplistic rhetoric that they can “grab”.   Too many times when their companies go through an “innovation process” jobs have been lost through cost saving programs, outsourcing or due to new technologies.   We need “stealth innovation” and education  :) :)

The challenge of this Battle of Human Decency was In the beginning people did not believe what was happening to me in Tennessee (a state that is in America). 

To those at: 
My Website Tonight ~PRWeb ~ Google ~ Yahoo ~ Bing ~LinkedIn ~ Face book ~ Apple ~YouTube ~MySpace~ the great spell check from Microsoft Word~ and many more…….  

When change happens and “Respect for ALL People” becomes the norm.  YOU are responsible for societal change, THANK YOU!!!

Also, Thank you so much to those technical experts from call centers from various states and countries, all over the world.  YOU kept my Battle for Human Decency going.  

Freedom to Be
Skirts Speak

Freedom to Succeed

The Skirts Speak Foundation is something I’m very serious about wanting and taking the concept one step further having women from companies on board globally we can communicate to women that they are worthy of respect and how to expose “wrong doing” in a way via the web and also mentor and inspire them at the same time.   Let’s let the women of the world know that they are not alone and better they are empowered.   When women are successful they make more money and then can buy more products.  This is a win~win.

Above is the future today I have politically charged indictments against me so “getting creative” I’ll keep punching back.  Letting Tennessee know that Respect for ALL people includes me Sharyn Bovat "the skirt that spoke." 

I’ve been jailed unfairly because those connected to a Good Ole Boy network wanted to discredit me.   When I saw 6 police cars arrive at Nissan North America I knew exactly what was happening.   I went to Nissan July 7th  for a “time line of change” I’d been harassed and I wanted to take my daughter to see her grandmother without the stress of having this "ongoing" battle.  HR started this by retaliation they did against me after I became a whistle blower.  Powerful people in the south want me silent.   Keeping my story alive is what’s keeping me free & my fight for freedom continues.  

Oddly, when Rob swore out the warrant to have me arrested taking away my human rights my numbers multiplied at   had it not been for the web I could have been “railroaded” into a cell (long term) sadly there are many women in jail on “trumped up” charges in America today

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The NAACP has an online petition to free two women in Mississippi who deserve “common sense” governance.  To be candid I’m mad that President Obama has not stepped in.  ??? WHY not, after all the president took the time to sign Rosa's law that says we can't us the word retarded.

America would respect the fact if President Obama “protected his own” in reference to racial wrong doing by the southern judicial system. 

???  Why should the blacks be proud of the 1st black president if he does NOT step up to the plate once in a while to help out members of his own community in need.  Those "wingers" that do not respect that would NEVER vote for him anyway.  

Please read    or Mississippi Maddness on this blog. 

I’ve heard the president does not want to “make waves” in reference to race.  President Obama helping these women is simply “doing the right thing”.    Swing voters (like me and the base you need if you want to keep your job)& we want to see you GET TOUGH.   Release these women BEFORE Barbour.   Show America Your in Charge of the Country.

A while ago a Japanese man said “the only valid word is the spoken word”.   I think I’ve proved by my web stats that the written word is “valid” too.    When people turn their “ears” off the computer is a way to communicate a problem and (hopefully) generate solutions.

Thank You to ALL those creators making technology that creates and promotes FREEDOM.

You’re my Hero’s

Sharyn Bovat


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