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Today I purchased a hair clip for my daughter  with Tax it came to $3.82....  I gave her a $20 & The lady could NOT figure out how much change I should receive.  I finally said  $16.18.  She decided to find her calculator.   She found it then she had to figure out how to "use" it.  Then she looked at me and said "it's $16.18, my your smart, your like Sarah Palin".   I asked her some questions and in 10 minutes I learned that this woman had "eaten" up all the FOX  News rhetoric.  She thinks Al Gore is a communist (she used those EXACT words). She said Glenn Beck wrote it out on a chalkboard  that this "global warming" was a scam, and she believes him.  This woman also wants to put a "real" american back in the "white house".     She really believes in her heart that President Obama is NOT American he's African.   This lady is sadly "typical" .  Continuing on with the conversation was painful but a "thought" popped...  So, I guess since "my dad" was 1st generation American (originally Canadian), using the FOX News logic  I'm not an American  too ....then I'm officially Canadian  (I lost her with that thought) but I kept going,   Then I figured out using that woman's  misguided logic I would have access to the Canadian Health Care System.  

WOW!!!  Getting a hair clip for my daugther turned into something positive.  

Ottawa Her I Come!!!!!

NISSAN  that lady did not want the EV....she said the "educated elite" were trying to tax everything for their "hobbies"  I was totally "lost" by her comments yet "intrigued"   Obviously  this woman in her early 60's lacked the education on the environment but she comes from a demographic that "goes to the polls"   This woman will VOTE.  I asked her who her "favorite" President was, the answer Ronald Reagan.  Then I asked her for her 2nd favorite  and that was Truman.   Now I have a "challenge"  what message will work to "pull the heart strings" of the baby boomer.  I'm looking at people on a "fixed" income.   To start, we need to assure people that electricity prices will remain stable.  More later.   

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???               Who is Sharyn Bovat   

Answer         An American born Canadian* of European Ancestry and the  mother of an Asian child. 

A person who believes EVERYONE has t.he right to be and succeed. 

Believing that people  who work as a team showing respect for all people can achieve amazing things.  

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