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This planning
commissioner is against merging the FSSD with WCS

He met with two women that are starting a website.  Huh....They talked LOUDLY while I was trying to enjoy an evening at Starbucks.

They chattered about Planning Commissioner Kathy Danner and her "limited" political career they disturbed my writing a note to NEW RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. 

FYI Kathy Danner is a valued member of the community and a Nissan wife.  She Respects ALL People.

The man pictured above got a special copy of a report from Mr. Looney. Yet, he did not seem to "like" Looney.  From what I was FORCED to hear tonight the FSSD in reality is NOT better than Williamson County. Poplar Grove is key and the year round school issue is what's will convince people NOT to merge.

???  School board member Cheryl Wilson's husband does "road paving"....yada yada yada  The chatted for almost 2 hours!!!

OK..... I think they were talking about somethings that they should NOT discuss in a private place.  I don't get it!!!  He seems like a nice man. 

Sir ???  maybe I misunderstood.  Call me  615-415-6675.

Oh the women and commissioner kept laughing about the word "Good Ole Boy" One lady said were not Good Ole Boys were moms.....OK  I get it!!!

Williamson County we need to END THIS!!!

I love America and You do too.

We need to have Respect for ALL People and that includes Nissan wife and public servant Kathy Danner.  Also, we need to respect Mr. Looney the WCS school leader.

??? Any Questions.

Call me.

Sharyn Bovat


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