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Scott Becker,

Former employee's have told me about YOUR character.
Maybe they can testify.  I sent an email to Mr. Tavares tonight.  ??? Why don't YOU read it.

Mr. Tavares,

Almost a year ago ""rob" presented me with a letter from Mr. Burger.
He had his "buddies in trucks harass me.  Due to American Law I must file a
lawsuit soon.  Mr Becker is known for being a bit "sleazy" and some of your
former employees warned me of his tactics.  That means I HAVE to go public. 

Sir, I REALLY do not want to litigate.   Its not good for Nissan and I don't
want the aggravation.   Your corrupt Human resources needs to be exposed.  So if
it has to be in court OK....  Oh. What the heck...I'll put something on the
website and let your 77 lawyers have "feeding time" tomorrow.  This truly will
hurt your companies reputation.  Your executives did some "socially
unacceptable" and corrupt "not legal" activities.   They are truly guilty.  
Nissan will settle before trial.  I said that a YEAR ago on my website "could
this be the ending".

It's sad it comes down to this. I just don't trust Scott Becker.  I've fought
for human decency for so many of your employees now I simply want it for me.

Have a great Night/Day!!!


Mr. Becker if you want to email me you can use this address.

You'll be the 1st to email me with out the name Tavares.....  
Ooops....  it was a "secret" addrsss.  Oh well.... we had a saying in America during the 80's "Trust but Verify".   When I got emails at that address with the "code" word from someone with the last name Tavares...I knew I'd be OK.   WOW!!!!

I have some more "Matlock Moments" for you. 

Are YOU ready for some "fun"....

Sir,  Call me.... Lets talk.   Sharyn  615-415-6675

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