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“Nissan’s commitment to becoming a leader in zero emission stems from a belief that we are more than a car company — that we are in fact a citizen of society with a responsibility towards developing sustainable mobility for future generations and engaging in activities that protect and preserve the environment.”.... Whitfield

Above is the “BEST” quote I’ve read about WHY NISSAN is investing so much in the EV & this quote represents what Blue Citizenship & CSR will become. It will also build your "image". 

The words used by Whitfield actually make people “want” to consider Nissan and that’s the goal to use Blue Citizenship as a "tool" to get people in the door and then they might by the LEAF or instead select a member of the Blue Series*. 
Renault started something very similar "after" I sent an email to Mr. Tavares and put the idea on this website (I've got webstats)   
Many of my thoughts were tweaked and used and that's OK if I'm treated with RESPECT!!!   

I've got 43 examples....backed up with data.  Granted some might be a "coincidence" but the odds of that many of my idea's being used are "too high"  reasonable people will "get it".     Again, I want RESPECT!!!   It's about time.     Sharyn Bovat   615-415-6675

This is NOT how you treat someone with RESPECT.


Nissan showcased its flagship electric vehicle, Leaf, at a display in Sandton City MOTOR NEWS REPORTER

Published: 2010/11/04 12:17:49 PM

Featured quote quote from this article... Found on Google.
........... Takahiko Uchimura, a technology expert from Nissan in Japan and senior manager in its technology marketing department, said: “In pursuit of the commercialisation of electric-powered vehicles, Nissan has been developing lithium-ion batteries since 1992 with a focus on reducing the size while increasing power and capacity. The result is a compact, lightweight, long-life and costefficient battery that, along with regenerative braking, provides enough driving distance per charge to make it feasible in the real world.


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