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“...Solar and wind power remain hopelessly inefficient; hydroelectric dams often flood valuable land; biofuels convert food to gasoline; fusion power is pie-in-the-sky....”  From the Kirkus Review of Andrew McKillop’s new book Doomsday Machine

"Andrew McKillop is a genius and if anyone want's to understand energy issues that will truly be benifical to National Security and the Planer they should read his books"  
Sharyn Bovat the NISSAN Whistleblower

These pages from my blog get a LOT of views I know that retaliation I've received as a whistleblower stems from issues involving people that made a LOT of money with green stocks.

MESSAGE to Green Profiteers: Can someone that profits from that industry call NISSAN and tell them Sharyn Bovat wants to stop "researching" DOE fraud/issues.  I have a child and I want to work a "normal" job.  When they did not return my reference calls I became desperate and did the blogging.  Mr. Tavares could NOT stop the corrupt people leading his HR because of Ghosn and that was relayed to my by a guy in NISSAN management.

Nissan really did discriminate they really did take money for a car they knew would fail.  The leaf was just to be an "image " car.  What NISSAN did was disgusting and someone needs to tell NISSAN they're going to bring a LOT of green companies down with them if they do NOT treat the whistleblower with RESPECT.  To the green companies that "really do" make products that work NISSAN is hurting YOU.  Green Elite: To get respect you have to be in an industry that is sincere.  Barack Obama could lose the election because of a few companies that were run by crooks. It's time the Green industry became "clean".... that is if you really do care about the planet.

“........The friendly atom can never be friendly. Facing this reality is one of our most urgent tasks. The real world factors and realities that make this conclusion the only one possible must be the basis for urgent but robust, and tough but workable energy policy and programme changes,...” Andrew McKillop

America’s Energy Policy has ALWAYS been Political. 

FYI -I voted for Barack Obama because I thought he was going to make America energy independent: Instead he brought back Crony Carterism. The Obama White House has pushed legislation promoting energy solutions that are “outdated.” And federal money has gone to those that economically supported the President’s 2008 election. For a person responsible for the safety of our nation to be so brazen in his cronyism when it comes to America’s Energy future I’m disgusted. 

My name is Sharyn Bovat and I’m a Republican/Moderate who thinks like an “independent” & I like many Americans hated the oil baron cronyism in the Bush White House. My vote for Barack Obama in 2008 was a vote for CHANGE.  My vote in 2012 is for Mitt Romney.  Here’s why: 

In the last year I’ve learned that the Bush Administration’s Energy policy was “not that bad”.... in fact I have more appreciation for George W Bush now than ever before.  I’ve learned that “W” era while the administration was doing good for  America’s future while  “cutting deals with Saudi” & using our troops to protect oil interest in the Middle East (Yes!!! We went to war for oil....everyone knows it and we need to “own it”President Obama kept us there.....he's only pulling out before the election).

During that "W" era the president  was actively working on technology and innovations that would promote American Energy Independence in the future.  The oil companies that get American subsidies are “inventing” the solutions.  President George Bush had a “plan” to dig America OUT of Middle Eastern Energy dependence. The sad thing is in many cases like hydrogen fuel President Obama cut resources and promoted “his” policies.   NOW I do believe that had Jeb won the internal battle of control in 1992 then a “couple of wars could have been prevented”..... I hope Mitt Romney makes Jeb the Secretary of State. FYI -The Bush family knows the issues in the Middle East more than any other family in America.  They did NOT create the problems in the Middle East George H Bush inherited them.   I was told the issues go back to WW2.

Today the electric car was NOT ready for the masses. NOW the taxpayers have paid for cars that cost the consumer between 35,000-120,000K and many of those cars “don’t work.”  The Nissan Leaf “really” cost about 80k to manufacture. Still they sell for ½ that.  How can Nissan do this?  It’s the federal subsidies and back room deals.   Who owns the “start ups” that are getting ALL that DOE grant money?   Someone should check into that.  Also the technology NISSAN used is from the 90’s ONLY the cells are stacked like a layer cake instead of coiled and the NISSAN guys change the  (Cobalt-Magnesium)

Carlos Ghosn did NOT have innovative technology for the NISSAN Leaf was told to me by people that worked on the technology. In 2005 people from California that worked on the battery were NOT asked to make the move to Tennessee because the CEO said “the EV was NEVER to succeed”.  Those people went to work at “other” car companies.  Then when President Obama offered the FREE MONEY the battery technology created by the guys in California was “taken off the shelf” by Carlso Ghosn dusted off and a French guy named Dominique Thormann told congress it could get 100 miles per charge and told congress it was capable of making the Leaf affordable to the masses.  The fact is NISSAN executives lied.


This book explores the crisis in fossil fuels. Oil, gas and coal are precious resources that define modern life. Without them, mass-produced food and clothing, and international travel and cars, become rare or impossible. Yet our reliance on fossil fuels is responsible for massive environmental damage, and increasing economic and political instability. Control over oil resources has been a major factor in several wars. The price of oil is also key to world economic stability. Yet our supply of oil is limited. As with other fossil fuels, the more we burn, the more damage we do – the number one cause behind global warming is the increase in carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels. The international range of contributors to this book provide a truly global perspective on the dangers inherent in our over-consumption of oil, gas and coal. They explore detailed evidence of the imminent acceleration of fossil fuel depletion and the limits of ‘sustainability’. They outline the political background to the situation, not just among the world’s largest consumers of fossil fuel, the US and China, but also in Europe and the developing world. Considering our future economic survival, they include a detailed examination of France and Australia. Finally, they explore the extreme costs of alternatives such as nuclear power, and outline other possible lifestyles and methods.

Here's the link to buy Andrew's book:

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