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Slander or Harrassment??


I could not be tarnished when it came to BUSINESS ethics.  

So I believe a PLAN B was put into place to discredit me. 

In May I had a couple odd emails from an executive. They indicated we were more than "friends".  Then I heard "I flipped" & was "heartbroken".   OUCH!!!  

It's a small town and I heard what was being said and I know why this person participated in this....It's called self preservation.  AMERICA,  I know too much!!!

It's a bizarre twist that will make EYE's POP.  This might even turn this "Whistle Blower's" story into a MOVIE.

I did tell Mr. Tavares about this in May and sent him copies of her emails.

This website will never reveal the details.   It's so twisted and calculating.  

Innovative???  NO.   I have to admit I've seen something similar years ago when I worked in politics.  

your methods of dealing with someone who questioned YOUR spending is WRONG!!!  

AMERICA when they attacked me personally to defend themselves.
That show's the problems being asked are REAL and they don't have answers.

My "thought"    WOW!!!!!

My book will be a Best Seller!!!



What happened to me was wrong!!!!

I'm not perfect.   Still I do not deserve to be slandered.

NISSAN I believe EVERYONE has the right to a "private" life.   Performance needs to matter and personal attacks are WRONG!!!

After meeting "Rob" and getting to know the "Good Ole Boys" In Tennessee maybe this "thinker" should consider switching teams.    :)

I'm fighting back..... Discrimination of ANY kind is Wrong.



Sent: Wednesday, May 06, 2009 10:00 AM
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We both disappeared from each other s radar screen but I miss you and our conversations over a coffee

Tell me how you are doing


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