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To: Nissan Board/Sproule

Renault staff 'questioned' in dirty tricks probe   AFP - 2 hours ago

PARIS — Investigators questioned three security staff of French car maker Renault in the latest twist of a case that started with explosive spying claims,

I “think” the French are getting the dots connected … That said:

To:  CSR


Let’s get a team together to make a list of organizations that will need trucks and NISSAN cars to help Japan on the Road to Recovery


Mr. Sproule,

This is “my” advice.

On a CSR note…..There is SO much going on in Japan right now that in Japan this “auto scandal” is not on the radar & YOU need to play this to your company’s advantage. 

It sounds not compassionate BUT for success for NISSAN and for long term job creation in Japan which is best for the people & the Japanese economy it’s important for NISSAN to quietly put this corporate scandal behind you & to help the people of Japan. 

It’s been relayed to me that Ghosn is NOT a leader who has shown “compassion” to the Japanese people so there will not be repercussions i was told that "the Japanese people need business leaders that are role models during this time."

So for the good of the company it’s time for Ghosn to quietly exit & put Mr. Shiga the COO as the face of corporate compassion for NISSAN to the people of Japan & have Mr. Shiga Announce the donation of trucks to help in the restoration from the aftermath. 

Have Mr. Tavares stand behind him in support for Japan in the announcement.  Mr. Shiga needs to announce the new CEO Tavares.  Have the board there showing that Mr. Tavares is a global leader has the entire BOARD support & show Japan that NISSAN cares about Japan at the same time.  This is a HORRIBLE time for Japan. 

NISSAN needs to 
focus on the future success of the Japanese people.  The goal is to “inspire” those in Japan and let them know it’s time to start the Road of Recovery.

Years ago I went to the LA riots it was horrible ….  A few days later I was told that People are more accepting to “change” (even change not related to the event) after a tragedy.   The LA riots woke people up in America. 

The long term goal is to make NISSAN a company known for caring about people.  A company that people will want to work for, a company that people will want to buy a car from, and a company whose existence is "positive" for society. 

The goal is to make it “good change” at NISSAN and Now the "new road" can assist in bringing back Japan after this crisis.

Again, let’s get a team together to put together list of organizations that will need trucks and NISSAN cars to help Japan on the Road to Recovery.

Peace and Respect



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