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Tricia Jung MORE 4 YOU

Months ago I was contacted by someone that worked at the DESIGNERY and I knew MY thoughts were plagiarized,

???  Do you know that NOT one person put on the LEAF account had "automotive" experience.

Get this.... Purchsing signed off on it.   ???  Maybe someone did NOT read about the vendors capabilities because they were too busy getting an Oxygen Facial.

Oh....  I'm a "cat person" but lately I've become a BIG fan of dogs.....BLUE DOGS.

Tricia Jung......
Those that are "vendors" of NISSAN wondered WHY so little concern was shown by NISSAN marketing.
Some know it's because NISSAN did NOT want it to succeed.  That's the first time "this" and the way YOU performed YOUR job makes sense to some people. 

Vendors pay taxes and they don't like seeing a corporation take advantage of hard working Americans.

Ms. Jung I want an apology.

???  is "this" YOUR fault or YOUR bosses.

Choose "1"

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