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I'm Landing!!!!

In Summary:

When I started this “fight for fairness” I said my life was like Forest Gump except for the “brain thing”.

If someone were to ever write an article about “living in the 80’s” it should be me.    Just to survive my mind became a time capsule I had so many “thoughts” and I could not communicate them for various reasons.      

Early on during my “great adventures” my mother called and wanted me to go to a  “mentoring” brunch I went and it’s because of that day I believe I  was able to speak for those mistreated by NISSAN HR.

Dianne Feinstein was on a mission to “inspire” and she was at the brunch with her daughter.   It was in the patio of a home in Danville or San Ramon.    The lady hosting was a city council member and everyone not a daughter was an elected official.   At that brunch Diane Feinstein made a point to talk to each girl attending.  This was not a typical political meet and greet she wanted to get us to take the torch and represent the next generation.   When it was my time with her I had already generated some “thoughts” but it was still in the early stages.  I asked her when there's a problem and nobody’s listening what do you do.  She looked into my eyes and said “keep talking,…Talk until someone listens”.   Then she told me to “pick my battles wisely.   This is funny at the end of the conversation I said “I’m a Republican”.  She grabbed my hand and said “You’ll grow out of it”.

Another defining moment.   In 1990-91 I did become a democrat like predicted by the future US senator.   I was even elected by the county democratic committee to be a representative to the state convention.   Slowly I was integrating into this party that was in the process of transforming to a more moderate stance.  From my research in the past I knew instinctively I needed a “change”.   During that time I managed some non partisan campaigns and assisted initiatives/measures.   Although successful at real estate I did not like it.   TO me it was boring.  I was a “big picture” person and found reading all that fine print boring.   Also I liked being around “change” and those that wanted to make a difference in society.   So slowly I was trying to establish myself in partisan democratic politics.  We’ll people did not like that and I was called in and recruited to “fight for the heart of the republican party”.   I had to say yes.   Soon after I re enlisted I helped organize volunteers at a brunch in Contra Costa County.   At one point I needed to get something from my car and while walking back to the “gorgeous” home the guest speaker for the event was walking towards me.   He then said “hello” and asked me for an opinion.   I told him I “had none”.  He said “I think you do”.  I then politely said “Sir, there are a lot of people in the back yard waiting to hear you speak and they care about what you have to say.  I really don’t”.   He then started to talk about loyalty and in the end I truly respected him.   He believed in America and he honored his vows of loyalty to those he worked for.   I got it!!!

A  ??? Answered.

Some people question how I can be “loyal” to Carlos Tavares.   Well I learned loyalty from Oliver North and I told Mr. Tavares that last year during the beginning of this “fight for human decency”.   I guess he too “Got it”.    Loyalties a “great” trait.   Following blindly is where I have issues and that’s what happened at NISSAN North America.  Too many “mindless minions”.    

I have to smile.   When I think of things that I told Mr. Tavares about “plants” in the office and asking him if there was a takeover or an internal battle of control I have believe he knew there was a problem otherwise he would have thought I was crazy.  

Bottom line: Carlos Tavares is a “big” picture person with an amazing “left” brain.  He could see I was putting together the puzzle pieces and kept this “game” of mastermind going.   Otherwise again this website would not.

NISSAN: Seriously, this website has been up for a year tomorrow and I’ve threatened to castrate the 2nd most powerful person in North America and the head of legal and still have not been served a cease and desist.  reminder:   I want to give credit to that “thought” from one of the most powerful women on Wall Street.  I asked her one day:    ???  How to you get men to respect you.  She said at a meeting in the beginning of her career a report was disrespectful so she threatened to “castrate” him figuratively at a meeting.  From that day forward people “got it” she said for women it's better to be feared than loved especially if you want things to "happen".

Again, having great role models assisted in fighting a “Good Ole Boy” network. 


In the eighties I did ‘nothing” but low level research and was just an “extra” on the fight for freedom.  Still I was surrounded by the best and the brightest.  They inspired me.     I will “never” say anything that would hurt anyone I ever worked for.  To be candid I would prefer to “not” do a book about my experiences because I enjoy “new” challenges.   The past is a bit painful but luckily it's over.  What I can do is use lessons from my past and make tomorrow a bit better.  

Every year on my birthday I soul search and usually make decisions. 

10 years ago on June 4th I was in Paris and took this picture

That day I made the decision that I wanted “my” life back.  

In the late 90’s I was married and lived “very” nice life, the person I married didn’t know who I was.  In my defense I didn’t know either.   “Fitting In” and changing personalities a lot is a bit confusing to the mind.  

I knew on that day wondering around Paris alone that being the spouse of a workaholic was “not” my thing.   I wanted to do something with my life and make a difference.  

???  Why did I stay married so long?  

In November 2000 the “unthinkable” happened George "W" Bush became president I got numb (depressed)  & became what I  researched and that was “average”.   The people that took over the republican party in 1993 terrified me and I knew too much.  

When 9-11 happened I got a “bit”  more depressed.   I knew in my heart it didn’t need to happen. 

Then I became a mom and “vowed” to never to get involved with politics again, and rarely did I watch the news.  Keeping busy by playing tennis and doing lunch.   In 2006 I stayed in TN when my daughter’s father moved back to Europe for a 2 year corporate assignment.   That was the beginning of the end and all I will ever say.    

That said:  I respect my daughter father he’s smart and successful and I want this battle to be over with so he can move on with “his” life.  He’s graciously kept me “insured”.  To him thank you!!!

NISSAN this needs to end.  You NOW know “everything” about me.   More than you wanted but I’m “into” transparency.   This “mole” wants to enjoy the sunshine.

If you don’t want to let me simply “work and enjoy my life” let me know. 
I have Plan B, C, D, E………

I’m all about the win~win.  

Thank you Mr. Tavares for listening.  

Have A Great day!!!!


Thank You for listening WIlliamson County Schools.....

NISSAN~A life full of work ~ life ~ travel experiences taught me
how to make decisions....This is My Process that I "learned" from


Listen (More than I speak)

Educate (obtain as much knowledge as possible before the meeting)

Ask ???'s

Respect viewpoints from all others

Negotiate (if needed) so it's a fair solution/ price for all parties.

Examples on how I got to the "thought" that generated the decision

Decision Made. Done (move on) accept responsibility for MY decision

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