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Drinking, Driving and Drugs mixed together are dangerous.

It happens though…. IN TENNESSEE we’re not immune.

Personally I know of 2 teenage “Williamson county” deaths that are drug related and the local media “covered it up” because drugs do not exist in “affluent” communities.

During the rezoning battle Terry Leve was a great voice for those NISSAN “newbie’s” that wanted fairness for our children.

I think  Mr. Leve needs support from NISSAN on encouraging those with their heads in the sand to support the D.A.R.E. program. 

Let’s see if NISSAN can be a partner with the community and make it not only culturally aware but safe.  Heck it might save some lives. 

It’s a Win~Win.

Have A Great Day!!                                               Sharyn

Love Cars~Love People~Love the Planet

From the blog of Terry Leve….Williamson County School Board Member

 On March 11, the Board held its monthly work session. Of particular concern was the Board’s discussion of the Pride Survey.  (The Central Office has indicated that it will be providing a copy of the survey to Board members.  Once I receive it, I will share additional specific details with you concerning its contents.)  For those who are not aware, the survey measures our students use of tobacco, alcohol and illegal drugs at the 4th, 7th, 9th and 11th grade levels.  For the first time, marijuana and alcohol use by our District’s 9th and 11th graders is above the national average. In fact, for example, from 2007 to present, there has been a 20% increase in marijuana use by this year’s 11th grade students versus the 11th grade students of two years ago. More concerning, our present 11th grade students use of marijuana has increased 154% since they were in 9th grade.  The trend is similar for our current 9th grade students.  The survey also shows that the predominant choice of locale for use of drugs and alcohol is either at home or a “friends” house.  As I have argued for the last four years, the elimination of the DARE program from our elementary schools was an enormous and costly mistake for our children.  These 11th grade students are the “first fruits” of those denied this educational opportunity.  Once again, I have called upon my fellow Board members and our administrators to correct this travesty.  I have reason to be optimistic, but parents, if you are concerned, you need to let your voices be heard.


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